Sep 14

September 14, 2014

Vienna christmas market

Cruising through the Christmas markets in Europe

There are many river cruises across Europe to choose from but one of the most original ones are just about to start, mainly the Christmas markets river cruises. Christmas markets originated in Germany and Austria and that’s where the cruises or trips usually start. Here are the top three Christmas markets in Europe, which are visited by scores of tourists each year both by road and river. Nuremberg, Germany Christkindlesmarkt is a Christmas market that is held annually in Nuremberg….

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Sep 14

September 14, 2014

cape canaveral

Things to do at the Kennedy Space Centre

Kennedy Space Center is situated on Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge just an hour’s drive east of Orlando. It is the only place in the western hemisphere where humans are launched into space. It was from here, with the launch of Apollo 11 in July 1969, that President Kennedy’s dream of landing a man on the moon was realized. The center is the home of NASA, whose manned Space Shuttle can regularly be seen lifting off from one of the launch…

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Sep 11

September 11, 2014


Exploring the World in Las Vegas

It is known that Las Vegas was built so that the Americans would not have to leave the borders of their own country to explore the world. Here are a few famous landmarks in hotel casinos you can find on the Strip in Las Vegas. If you’d like to practice how to play poker or other games you can find in Vegas go to this website. New York New York New York hotel resembles the Big Apple in the middle…

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Aug 22

August 22, 2014


Best places to retire

Everyone reach this age when they have enough of busy commute to work, children are old enough to feed themselves and levels of energy makes them crave more of a peaceful lie down on the beach or a park than an adventure. This is the time when they look through leaflets and check online for over 65 travel insurance reviews. Those lucky ones with enough savings to pack their bags and move abroad research their potential retirement destinations. Here is…

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Aug 22

August 22, 2014

Discovery Cove

Great family days out in East Florida

Cape Canaveral – NASA – Kennedy Space Center Only at Cape Canaveral you can experience and learn a true story of the first space rockets and shuttles. You can explore the shuttle from the inside and hear the stories of the beginning of the space conquest. You’ll find yourself surrounded by original equipment for rockets and space travel, including Apollo rocket parts.

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Jun 2

June 2, 2014


Road trip: Route 66

The best way to explore the United States is by car. I am planning to present a few road trip routes on my blog in the weeks to come as I strongly believe that there is no better way of finding out about the history of the US or meeting exciting people than through travelling around this great country by some sort of vehicle. The first route I want to talk about is the famous Route 66. The is one…

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May 28

May 28, 2014


Tunisia: Hanging On In There

Tunisia has enjoyed an increase in tourism, and this looks set to continue as more and more people take an interest in northern Africa and think about going on their holidays to Tunisia. Culturally, there are beautiful cities and many archaeological sites of interest. 

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Mar 19

March 19, 2014

"cruises from UK"

Spice Up Your Holiday Break With A River Cruise Vacation

Are you tired of your same old vacation getaway and looking for a unique way to spend your holiday break? Then include river cruises in your travel itinerary and achieve a rare opportunity to explore premier tourist attractions in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

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Feb 6

February 6, 2014

san sebastian

Surfing in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive cities in northern Spain. This small city with a population of around 170,000 is part of the Basque Country and lies very close to Bilbao.

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Jan 25

January 25, 2014


Playing tennis in winter

I’ve been asked to write a review of sport clothing by Tesco Compare travel insurance. I was able to choose two pieces of garment for myself and I went for grey fleece storm 32” pants and a bright pink fleece storm hoodie. 

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