10 Best Islands in Europe Perfect for the Paradise Holidays

10 Best Islands in Europe Perfect for the Paradise Holidays

"Palms at el Arenal Beach"We tend to associate the perfect holidays in paradise with the sun, beach, turquoise water and beautiful landscapes. I have selected ten islands that tick all the boxes plus they are in Europe!

1.  Santorini (Greece)

Santorini stands out from the other Greek islands. Volcanic rocks of the island falling steeply into the sea and located on the slopes typical Greek villages create unique and picturesque views. The blue domes of churches and whitewashed walls of the buildings are an integral part of Santorini’s landscape.


2.  Sardinia (Italy)

Apparently the largest concentration of magnificent views per square meter in Europe, Sardinia undoubtedly is suited to be called the holiday paradise. Sardinia has been also called an island of treasures – offers not only picturesque scenery and climate, but also the rich flora and fauna: fragrant flowers, underwater reefs, groves of cork.


3.  Formentera (Spain)

It is the smallest island of the Balearic archipelago. In contrast to the clubbing atmosphere at the nearby Ibiza, Formentera is calm and ideal for family holidays. What attract people to that virgin island are picturesque shores with sandy beaches, the smell of pine forests and waters that are cleanest in the Mediterranean. The landscape of Formentera is decorated with two salt lakes located in the north of the island.


4.  Mljet (Croatia)

Mljet is a small, green island and is known as one of the ten most beautiful islands on earth! Mljet is mostly untouched paradise of nature with rich flora and fauna. Nearly one-third of the island is covered by the Nacionalni Park. The island has two salt lakes: Veliko and Malo Jezero, surrounded by pine and oak forests. Mljet is an oasis of tranquillity so for those who seek to relax listening to nothing else than the sounds of the sea is an idyll place.


5.  Madeira (Portugal)

Madeira is certainly a paradise island. Lush vegetation and majestic volcanic rocks form a unique landscape. In addition, throughout the year the island maintains the mild climate so it is warm even in the winter. The only downsize of Madeira is that there are no sandy beaches. The island is perfect for people, who like to spend their holidays actively with number of walking routes along irrigation canals. It is also possible to visit the botanical gardens with flowers from all over the world.


6.  Mallorca (Spain)

Mallorca is ideal for tranquil holidays. In the south, sandy beaches are disfigured by huge hotels, but the north coast, among the cliffs, there are hidden secluded coves.

"El Arenal Beach"

7.  Azores (Portugal)

The archipelago of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Portugal, is an ideal holiday destination for those in need of peace and unspoiled nature. Nine islands – Flores and Corvo in the west of Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira in the centre, Sao Miguel and Santa Maria to the east. The islands have beautiful beaches and great lakes formed in craters of the extinct volcanoes. Those islands do not have lively places or crowds. The island of Flores certainly deserves to be called a paradise island, with its waterfalls of Ribeira Grande, dos Exareus caves, hot springs of Aguas Quentes and the volcanic lake in the Lagoas. Azorean climate is very mild and in the summer temperatures do not exceed 23 degrees.


8.  Fuerteventura (Spain)

At first glance Fuerteventura’s dry landscape is not impressing. But in fact, the island offers its visitors the most beautiful beaches out of all Canary Islands. Gold and white sand creates several kilometres wide beaches. The island is also a paradise for windsurfing lovers.

"the sand dunes ta Fuerteventura - Canary Islands"

9.  Sicily (Italy)

Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean and it is also a home to the highest active volcano Etna. For centuries, it impresses its visitors with exoticism, the wealth of monuments and landscapes. Called by the Ancients the island of the Sun, it has the biggest number of sunny hours per year in Europe! In search of paradise landscapes you should visit the Zingaro Reserve and the beach in San Vito Lo Capo.


10.  Rhodes (Greece)

At Rhodes the sun shines 270 days a year. The island is a home to 30 species of plants that do not grow anywhere else in the world. Rhodes also has 220 km of various beaches – sandy, rocky, crowded as well as wild.


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