3 adventures to have in Mexico

3 adventures to have in Mexico

"ChichenItzaEquinox"Mexico is a great destination for a young single person’s holiday. Not only does it boast sun, sea and sand, but also the chance to have plenty of adventures. In my opinion, there’s no better way to make new friends than by trying new things together.

That’s why booking an excursion to the country where you will travel as part of a group of likeminded singles is such a great idea. You don’t have to be romantically-single; you might just prefer to travel alone. However, it’s good to have new people around you so you have someone you can share the experience with. You could even end up making some lifelong friends.

Read on to learn what I think are three amazing adventures to have in Mexico.

Visit Chichen Itza

The Mayan city is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, which is one of the most popular parts of Mexico thanks to its golden beaches. However, it is worth making the trip through the rainforest to come here and see the ancient monuments for yourself.

Arguably the most striking is El Castillo, the stone step-design pyramid with a square temple at its summit. There are wide stairways that travel up each of the four faces of the pyramid and at the base of the north-eastern steps are two serpent heads, which have been carved from stone and placed at either side of the staircase.

Another popular attraction is the Great Ball Court, which is the largest and best preserved court of its kind from the ancient world of Mesoamerica. As you wander around, you’ll be able to imagine the cheer from the crowds who would have sat to watch one of these lively games.

Get sporty at Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds is an ecological theme park nestled within the Mayan jungle. It is home to such an abundance of attractions you’ll want to spend a lot longer than a day here.

You and your fellow travellers will be able to take a guided tour of the Tulum Ruins, go zip wiring over the jungle, go snorkelling in one of the famous cenotes – Takbelum and Takbeha – or even swim with dolphins.

This is somewhere I would absolutely love to visit as there are so many ways to enjoy yourself. Going diving in the cenotes particularly appeals, as these fresh water caverns are home to stalactites and stalagmites that have grown over millions of years. Swimming down here is almost like visiting another world.

Alternatively, you could take a buggy tour through the Mayan Jungle, keeping an eye out for the exotic flowers that bloom here. This may be called a theme park, but with so much natural beauty to enjoy, it will be unlike any theme park you have ever visited before.

Eat a feast in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a place that offers so much to its visitors. There are some amazing ruins to explore, while it’s also home to bustling markets where you can browse the beautiful rugs that locals weave by hand.

One thing you absolutely must do during your visit is try the food. Chapulines are a particular favourite here – although you might be put off when you discover what they are. These are fried grasshoppers, but they are absolutely delicious.

If you don’t think you can stomach one, console yourself with the fact cacao beans are grown in this area, so you will be able to enjoy plenty of chocolaty goodness. As well as featuring in the bars you are used to, you can also sample it in moles – Mexican sauces – and delicious drinks.

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