4 Experiences not to be Missed in Spain

4 Experiences not to be Missed in Spain

"el rastro"Close your eyes and think of Spain. What comes into your mind? Beaches? Barcelona? Warm seas? The vast majority of people will automatically be drawn to these answers because the chances are that is what they experienced when visiting the country. Most budget holidays tend to be to the party islands or to the coast of the mainland. But Spain is huge, meaning year after year parts of this amazing country are ignored by visitors and tourists. Make sure you do not commit such a crime by experiencing the best of Spain that 99% of people will not have even heard of, let alone seen!

Explore Spanish Art

You may, or may not, know that Spain is one of Europe’s art capitals with the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga being home to a fantastic collection of Spanish artwork spanning many centuries and artists. If art is something you appreciate then you have to include a visit to the Miró Foundation in Barcelona or the Picasso Foundation in Malaga. Even if art is not your forte, you will still be able to appreciate these stunning collections.

Shop at El Rastro

If you find yourself in Madrid, it is a must that you have a stroll around the famous flea market on a Sunday afternoon. It is rumoured to be the largest open aired market in the whole of Europe, with around 35,000 stalls selling everything from vintage furniture to the latest trends. The market extends through several streets in the city’s oldest neighbourhoods and has been around since the Middle Ages, making it an integral piece of Spanish culture.

Tee off at Valderrama

Fans of golf will not need anyone to tell them that Spain is a golfer’s paradise, with the country producing some top quality golfers and courses over the years, with one course in particular standing out above all others. Valderrama is an 18-hole championship course over 6300 metres in length. Located in the Andalusia region of Spain, the course is only a few miles from popular Gibraltar, so making a visit can easily be fitted into any day trip to the British owned territory.

Live Traditional Village Life

Away from the glitzy resorts which are often the only thing people on cheap holidays to spain get to see, there are some stunning villages complete with white-washed villas, steep pebbled roads and a way of life which seemingly has not changed for centuries. Spain in some areas still has a quaint and idyllic way of life where donkeys are used to transport goods up hills while older generations sip wine in the late afternoon. If you find yourself in the south of Spain, no place provides a better example of this picture perfect life than the village of Andalucía. Include a trip here on any visit.

Spain is a big country and whatever it is you want to experience you will be able to fulfil it here. Enjoy holidays to tenerife? Fill your boots. Want an arty experience in Barcelona? That is possible too!

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