Guest post: 4 Great Places to do in Kreuzberg

Guest post: 4 Great Places to do in Kreuzberg

"Kreuzberg"To celebrate New Year’s Eve I went to Berlin for a couple of days. Two close friends of mine have been living there and as of quite recently they both live in apartments in Berlin in the district of Kreuzberg. In a big city like Berlin every district is a city within, so I would like to tell you about a few places in Kreuzberg that we went to.

Edelweiß (Görlitzerstraße 1-3)

This establishment located in the heart of Görlitzer Park is a restaurant, club, lounge and garden terrace. We actually went there for the NYE party in the party basement. Of course, the possibilities are endless at Edelweiß when the temperatures rise again and you can actually sit outside on the deck.

Rummels Perle (Reichenbergerstr. 47)

This cozy little bar opened quite recently. The theme of the bar is sailor and in a not too overbearing matter there are a couple of items that make you feel you sit in the cabin of the captain, for example the door opens and closes with the help of a glass bottle that is tied to it on a string, and the dim light comes from lanterns. In the back of the bar there is a little separate room with big couches. The walls are painted blue and there is a turning disco ball that delivers a nice “under the sea” feeling.

Burgermeister (Oberbaumstraße 8)

If you are in the mood for a juicy burger this place is the place to go. Some call it the best burger in Berlin. But you shouldn’t only go there for the great food (where everything from beef patties to sauce is homemade), but also for the unlikely atmosphere underneath the arches of the subway station Schlesisches Tor and in true diner manner everything can be ordered to go to enjoy in your Berlin apartments.


Salut Bakery (Schlesischestraße 1)

Salut is a Turkish bakery right next to the subway Schlesisches Tor that will lure you in with the heavenly smell of freshly baked goods and that at any hour. After a late night or to begin a day really early be sure to look freshly baked rolls filled with olives and cheese, but don’t worry any other time of day you will find plenty of other pastries, rolls, etc. to snack on.

Written by Maike

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