A clubber’s guide to Turkey

A clubber’s guide to Turkey

"nightlife in Turkey"If the first thing you do before booking all-inclusive holidays is check what the nightlife is like, this guide is for you. Although it might not at first spring to mind when you search for a clubbing getaway, Turkey is a fun destination to go to – it’s affordable, hot, has great beaches and fantastic bars and clubs.

All-inclusive breaks can especially be ideal if you like to party. The complex should hopefully have fun entertainment, meaning everything you need is right on your doorstep. With all your meals and drinks included, there is no need to worry about spending money. Of course, you’ll be free to head out to explore the local party spots whenever you want, after first getting into the swing of things at your hotel’s bar.

Below is a guide to the best places to party in some of Turkey’s top resorts.


Turkey’s Hisaronu is a great destination for clubbers who like to mix things up a bit. This cosmopolitan resort offers a varied nightlife, so you can start in a quiet bar that serves delicious cocktails, before heading to a bustling nightclub where a DJ will be spinning records long into the early hours.

The main street of Hisaronu will offer everything you need for a night out, so you won’t have to walk too far to find one playing your favourite songs. Here’s a tip: I prefer to sleep in quieter places and travel into busy clubbing areas, so consider booking an all-inclusive holiday in nearby Olu Deniz, which is ten minutes away. The beaches here are simply stunning and it’s a family resort, so great to relax in after partying the night before. That way, if you need a bit of a rest, you can properly recharge your batteries before heading back out to find a party!

"Hisaronu nighlife"


Kusadasi is quite similar to Hisaronu and is one of the largest resorts inTurkey, so there’ll be plenty of people to party alongside. There is also a great mix of nightlife – some of the bars here are seriously stylish, so you’ll need to dress smart, while others have no dress code and are more laidback. These are likely to be the bars you drink in before heading to one of its clubs.

Ladies Beach has a relaxed atmosphere and is a fun place to start a night out in Kusadasi. Despite its name, the establishments here are not just for the fairer sex! Most people then head to the lively and packed Bar Street, which certainly lives up to its reputation. There are so many places to go to here, you can easily spend your holiday trying out a new bar (or bars!) each night.



Some say the city of Bodrum is the nightlife capital of Turkey, and it’s easy to see why. There are plenty of popular nightclubs here boasting international DJs, alongside slinky bars and traditional meyhanes, which are like taverns. These are a fun place to start a night out, as you can tuck into lots of mezze, listen to live music and round off your meal with several raki shots!

Due to its location on the beautiful Aegean Coast, Bodrum is a pleasure to walk around when getting between venues. Iskele Square, the Kumbahce District and Cumhuriyet Street are the most popular places to party, so go on a bit of a bar hop around these areas and ask the staff which nightclub they think is best. It’s always good to get a bit of insider knowledge!

"bodrum nightlife"

If you’ve been to Turkey, where do you think the best night spots can be found?


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