A day in Madrid

A day in Madrid

Located on the Manzanares River and centrally located in the country of Spain, Madrid is a fun city with many different things to see and do. An ancient city in the modern age, Madrid has carefully preserved much of its historic architecture, and many things to see are close enough to Madrid apartments to be reached easily on foot. The average day spent sightseeing in Madrid will depend entirely on what you find entertaining and what parts of the city you would like to experience.

For the average morning, consider starting your experience of Madrid with a tour of the Royal Palace and its surrounding well-manicured gardens. This historic area has been the official residence of the Spanish royal family in Madrid for generations, but today is used only for official state ceremonies. Assuming that nothing is scheduled for the royal family for the day, the palace and its grounds are open to the public for tours.

If you prefer your tourism experience to be a little more historically involved, you could begin your day at the Museum of America. This museum contains many artifacts from the Spanish colonization of North and South America. Artifacts here range from prehistoric times to present day. If this isn’t your speed, then consider spending your morning at the Naval Museum. Here, replicas of the Spanish naval vessels from different centuries are on display, along with a history shown in paintings, charts, and different artifacts from the eras. Find lunch at a small cafe near any of these places to stay on the move.

For afternoon options, consider a sunny walk in one of the many parks in Madrid. A walking tour of the Parque del Retiro will keep you busy all afternoon. This is Madrid’s largest, and most popular park. Being centrally located in the city, many apartments in Madrid are nearby this 1.4 KM wide park. The area is dotted with monuments and galleries to keep people entertained, while art works and various sculptures tell the history of the park. Many community events are held on these grounds. If this feels a little too crowded, consider the Royal Botanic Garden for a slightly more private experience. Located beside the Prado Museum, these manicured grounds are open to the public year-round.

Dinner options are widely varied in Madrid. Some restaurants in the city are over a hundred years old, and filled with history. Other restaurants have Michelin stars to their name, while the small corner bistro is popular throughout the city. Whatever type of food you are in the mood for, you are sure to find something you will enjoy nearby. From there, evening entertainment can be found in the myriad of shops selling artisan wares or authentic style pubs that line the city streets. Many pubs have live entertainment of the evening. You could likewise end your day in Madrid by exploring the myriad of small corner shops. Either way, the adventure of a day in Madrid can be tailored to anyone’s personal style.

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