Thank you for your interest in advertising at Blondie at Worldz End Travel Blog. This page will provide you with the information you need.

Blondie at Worldz End Travel Blog has the audience you would like to target with travel related advertising and anything to do with exploring the World, such as food, entertainment, flying, so anything you could possibly need and encounter during your travels.

Advertising offer

Banner advertising can be paid for in advance for a year, for 3 or 6 months or on a pay monthly basis (the price will change accordingly with the discount when purchasing for a longer period of time). Banners and widgets will appear on all pages including the Home page, although on request they may appear only on certain pages.

Sponsored Posts are offered for those businesses who submit an article that promotes and links to their travel service, product, hotel, resort or anything else related to travelling.

The Sponsored Post can contain relevant photographs and is published on the blog page. Sponsored Posts will be only accepted from business with travel related product or services, and with links to travel related websites. For a one-off payment, the sponsored article with links will stay on the blog without the termination date. A sponsored post may offer more in depth information that is relevant to those interested in your travel destination or service than a banner ad could do. It offers more value and attracts more interest in the service than a typical advertisement. The content of the Sponsored Post should be unique and not published elsewhere. It can incorporate a few lines at the end of the article introducing the sponsor and its services.

Text links are placed on the sidebar of the Home page of Blondie at Worldz End, however, they can also be placed within a particular post.

For all the prices and any other advertising queries or proposals please contact me at

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