Don’t Miss All These Amazing Attractions In Cairns!

Don’t Miss All These Amazing Attractions In Cairns!

Kuranda-TrainIf you’re thinking about touring the North of Queensland next year, then Cairns is a must visit destination for many reasons. When it comes to Australia as a whole, the city of Cairns is the 4th most popular tourist destination in the country, and the landscape is simply bursting with attractions for every type of traveller! Whether you’re looking for peace and tranquillity, history and architecture, or sun, sea and sand, Cairns has it all, not least a natural beauty that instantly catches the eye. To ensure you get up to speed with Cairns before you travel, take a look at some of the top attractions below.


Touring the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and also Australia’s greatest attraction. When visiting Cairns, a tour of this magnificent reef is a must, not least because it’s the largest living organism on the planet! Even if you’re not a good swimmer, or you’re not comfortable with snorkelling or diving, there are numerous boat tours available through special sections of the reef, so not to damage the fragile ecosystem. Additionally, you can even hop on board one of many semi submarines to get an even closer look of the spectacular marine life!

The Kuranda Train & Skyrail Tour

Kuranda – or the village in the rainforest – is an ancient attraction like no other in Cairns. This village has existed here for many years, and surrounded by some of the most beautiful rainforest in all of Australia, a tour of this lush green landscape is a must. The kuranda Train Tour is 2 hour journey from the city to the hills of the rainforest, winding upwards through the dense flora and fauna.

Passing through no less than 15 tunnels and over 40 bridges, your tour of Kuranda will take you to the Barron Gorge National Park, past waterfalls and historic rock formations. If you’re looking for more of an aerial view however, then the Skyrail tour is just the attraction for you!

The Skyrail also serves the Cairns to Kuranda route, however visitors will be travelling nearly 50 meters above the ground by cable car. The tour above the rainforest stretches nearly 8km, and tourists will be offered a completely perspective compared to the train journey. Although the Skyrail doesn’t offer as much comfort as the train, the views are simply unforgettable, of the rainforest as well as Cairns.

the Great Barrier Reef

Tjapukai Cultural Park

One of Australia’s many protected landscapes, the Tjapukai Cultural Park is unmatched event. The entire area was one home to a vast population of aborigines, and some still remain here, teaching tourists about the history and traditions of the indigenous population. From sampling native foods to boomerang competitions, there’s so much to see and do here that a day’s tour is the least you can afford this beautiful park. There’s even money to be saved if you book the Skyrail, Kuranda Train Tour and the Tjapukai Cultural Park as a package. Additionally, compare prices of flights to Cairns here for further discounts!

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