America’s historical places: Colonial Williamsburg

America’s historical places: Colonial Williamsburg

Driving from Washington, D.C. to Virginia Beach one can stop at Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg to go back in time and get to see the real lives of the first inhabitants. "Girls in stocks in Colonial Williamsburg"

It is an easy task in America to learn about the people and history of the United States with the large number of history museums spread across the country. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation operates the world’s largest living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia. It is the restored 18th-century capital of Britain’s largest, wealthiest, and most populous outpost of empire in the New World. Williamsburg was the thriving capital of Virginia when the dream of American freedom and independence was taking shape and the colony was a rich and powerful land stretching west to the Mississippi River and north to the Great Lakes. From 1699 to 1780, Williamsburg was the political, cultural, and educational centre of what was then the largest, and most influential of the American colonies.


"Governor's Palace in Williamsburg"

"garden in Colonial Williamsburg"

The Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg stretches over 301 acres, and includes 88 original 18th-century structures. Hundreds of houses, shops and public outbuildings are reconstructed on their original foundations. It is possible to explore most of the historical buildings as they are open to the public or walk around the homes of the elite gentry’s class and everyday middling class.

"Garden in Colonial Williamsburg"

"Carriage in Colonial Williamsburg"

Practicing tradesmen make Colonial Williamsburg a living town, ringing with clanging hammers and tinged with the smoke of industry. Colonial Williamsburg allows you to forget about the present world and sucks you in the past by interacting with the blacksmith, the milliner and a team of actors playing the residents of the town.


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