Architecture in Lisbon

Architecture in Lisbon

"Lisbon"While visiting Lisbon, there is plenty to see and do. However, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the incredible architecture found within the city. While you won’t find a lot of architecture from the pre-18 century, a few of the major monuments from this time period have been preserved to see. The reason so much of the pre-18century architecture is gone is because of the 1755 earthquake that hit the area, devastating much of the older architecture.

The good news is that some monuments did survive after the big earthquake, although some had to have restoration work done at a later date. Some of the beautiful monuments you’ll want to see while you’re in Lisbon include the works of Felipe Terzi, a master of Italian Renaissance. Two of his works you’ll want to check out include the Igreja de Sao Roque and the Igreja de Sao Vincente de Fora. The beautiful Romanesque Se is also a wonderful piece to visit, as are the incredible ruins of the Convento do Carmo, which shows much of what the powerful earthquake did to the city.


Of course, plenty of other architecture can be found in the city that was built after the great earthquake of 1755. Take time to visit Belem, which offers some of the most incredible architecture available in Lisbon. You’ll be able to enjoy various Manueline style expressions, as well as some incredible baroque style architecture in the area. One of the most notable baroque masterpieces is the huge Convento do Mafra, which is opulent and an incredible sight to behold.

Throughout Lisbon, much of the architecture includes the use of talha dourada, which is special gilded woodwork. This was used on many of the different churches in the area. Some of the top places where you can observe this intricate work include the ingreja de Nossa Senhora da Madre de Deus, as well as the Ingreja de Sao Roque. When the gold began to run out, soon architecture would leave the opulent baroque style and go on to the lovely, but more understated, classical style. A great example of the classical style that was popular near the 18 century’s end is the Palacio de Queluz, which was done by Mateus Vincente de Oliveira.

For those interested in more contemporary architecture, many will enjoy the architecture of Alvaro Siza Vieira. After a huge fire that took place in 1988, Vieira took the Chiado shopping district and totally restored it. His style focuses on simplism and clarity, which can be seen in the beautiful Pavilhao de Portugal, which is located within the Parque das Nacoes. Within this Parque, you’ll find a variety of other great contemporary works as well, including works by Santiago Calatrava and Peter Chermayeff.

The city of Lisbon is rich with many different styles of architecture, from old baroque architecture to modern day architecture that has been recently designed within the city. Enjoy visiting a variety of different pieces of architecture throughout the city to enjoy all that this incredible city has to offer fans of architecture.

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