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Why France is Best Explored from the Comfort of a Holiday Home

Why France is Best Explored from the Comfort of a Holiday Home

France is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world, with such a fantastic road network and so much breath-taking countryside to drive through, it makes sense to explore it from the comfort of a holiday home. France is the perfect type of country to head to for an adventure holiday, with its stunning scenery perfect for hiking, climbing, walking and cycling through. Whatever your interests are you’re sure to have the holiday of a lifetime, here’s why you should explore France from the comfort of a holiday home next time you visit:


With a luxury mobile home, like the ones available at Eurocamp, you’ll benefit from way more space than you would have in a standard hotel room or apartment. The extra space is beneficial if you’re travelling with all the family and with so much exploring to do in France you might even want to take the kids’ bikes and toys, so you’ll have plenty of room to store those too.


With a mobile holiday home you’ll have a base from which to explore all the areas you want to visit. The luxury of a holiday home means that you can have your own BBQ’s on the grass patch outside, enjoy having your own kitchen so you can save money on food by preparing sandwiches for days spent exploring. You’ll also be able to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring with a programme in front of the TV and plenty of space for all the family.


The parcs where mobile homes are located are always perfectly positioned for exploring the best areas. From Normandy and Brittany in the north of France to Paris, the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Corsica regions, there’s such an amazing variety of different places to explore. If you’re wanting to drive through the country staying in mobile homes is ideal as it gives you an affordable and comfortable base for a while until the time comes to move on to the next place. Mobile homes always offer direct access routes to the best sites making them the best option for those who’re planning to move around and don’t want to spend too much on hotels.

With all these great advantages, it makes sense to choose a mobile holiday home for your next trip to France, no matter which area of the country it is you’re visiting you’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for you and your family.

The Top 5 Cruise Destinations in the Caribbean

The Top 5 Cruise Destinations in the Caribbean

There’s nothing more luxurious than taking a cruise around some of the most beautiful islands in the world in the Caribbean. You can be enjoying the views from your cabin balcony whilst sipping on a cocktail. Or, maybe you want to relax on the endless tropical beaches. Some people like to stay in beachfront villas in the Caribbean whereas others prefer to island hop with their cruise ship. This is one of the best places to explore and has some of the most scenic and luxurious cruises in the world. But, if you want to visit, it can be difficult to find and choose the right one for you. After all, there are so many different packages and places to choose from. Here are my top five cruise destinations in the Caribbean.

1# St Kitts:

St Kitts is one of the islands that get fewer tourists compared to the others. But, it’s a great place to visit and experience some of the unique history of the island. This is one of the best places to visit for people who like history and want to see the legacy of their colonial past. You can find two of the oldest settlements in St Kitts that are around 350 years old as well as an old colonial town and fortress.

The beaches are great too and the island is quite small making it easy to get around. Many tourists like to hop on a boat to visit its sister, Nevis, that’s just a short distance away across the sea. Several ferries typically leave each day and it shouldn’t take more than an hour to reach the other side. Most tours will only stop by here for a few hours and you need to make the time count. You can arrange a brief tour to one or both of the islands depending on how much time you have.

2# Barbados:

This is one of the most popular destinations in the Eastern Caribbean for tourists and cruise ships. The island is full of amazing beaches, rugged coastlines, and coral reefs. You can spend your time photographing the natural beauty of this island or rent some snorkelling equipment to enjoy the marine life under the water. Bridgetown has a unique British colonial history and you can see the legacy of this in the city today.

Barbados isn’t as popular as some of the islands in the Western Caribbean and is slightly more difficult to reach. This has many advantages for cruisers who can experience the island and local Bajan culture without the masses of other visitors.

3# Trinidad and Tobago:

Trinidad and Tobago are two island that’s a short distance from Venezuela. Apart from the beaches and water sports, this is the birthplace of Soca, one of the most popular genres of music in the Caribbean. You can be relaxing in one of the beachside bars enjoying your drinks whilst listening to some of the best and funkiest music ever.

The local food is also some of the best that you can find in the Caribbean. Vendors sell local delicacies and the tourist office on the cruise ship should be able to give you suggestions on what you should try when you visit.

The island may have a reputation for being one of the more dangerous parts of the Caribbean, but it doesn’t mean that people should completely avoid it. Cruises will usually stay here for a day and it’s easy to arrange a tour.

4# Dominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic is one of the cheaper destinations in the Caribbean and is a popular stop on cruises around the northern islands. Puerto Plato on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations.

The main attraction is the Marine Park in a large lagoon where visitors can see a range of sea life in their natural environments. You can also buy packages that allow you to swim with sharks and dolphins, which most visitors claim as their favourite experience. There’s also a large water park here with huge slides that promises fun for the entire family. When you venture out of this area, you can experience a town that has a certain level of charm. It gets fewer tourists and gives you more of an insight into the local culture. And the food and shopping are topnotch too.

5# Jamaica:

If you have the opportunity to visit Jamaica, you shouldn’t turn it down. This is one of the more popular islands and combines beautiful beaches with a laid-back atmosphere. There are lots of different ports that receive a large number of tourists on cruise ships. Some will only stop by for a few hours whereas other have the chance to spend a night here. Montego Bay and Falmouth are two of the most visited places for cruises.

If you get the chance, take a visit the Blue Mountains and take the chance to see the wildlife in the interior part of the island. Another popular activity that Jamaica is famous for is bird watching. This island has some of the highest numbers of endemic species in the entire Caribbean and is a birdwatchers’ paradise.

The Takeaway Message:

Cruising around the Caribbean is a dream vacation for lots of people around the world. But there are so many different packages and routes that it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. I hope this has provided some inspiration and guidance to help you find your perfect cruise to fulfil the dream vacation.


America’s 3 Most Picturesque National Parks to Visit

America’s 3 Most Picturesque National Parks to Visit

Home to some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the world, America’s National Parks are quite simply outstanding and unrivalled. With so many to choose from and them all being spread so far and wide across the country choosing which ones you should visit can be tricky with so many amazing sites to see and so little time. Luckily for you, we’ve selected the top 3 National Parks that you simply have to visit next time you head to the states so you don’t miss out of any of the best bits:

  • Yosemite

California’s most precious gem, Yosemite is simply incredible. With endless natural wanders to spot, towering mountains, and a whole host of different ways to enjoy the scenery, visiting Yosemite is bucket list worthy. Whether you want to challenge yourself by hiking up those steep hills, spend your afternoon fishing in the rivers, attempt some dare devil rock climbing, camp out under the stars or go looking for deer’s in the wild, Yosemite’s beauty means there’s something for everyone no matter which way you’d like to enjoy it.

  • The Grand Canyon

Perhaps the most striking on the eye, Arizona’s Grand Canyon is vast, encompassing and beautiful all at once. Five million people visit every year to marvel at the famous gorge, hike through the trails or fly over the top to take it all in on a helicopter. Carved by the Colorado River, the first site of the ginormous red rock formation will most definitely take your breath away.

  • Yellowstone

The first ever national park to exist in America, Yellowstone is strikingly beautiful with 3,500 sq feet of wilderness for visitors to roam. There’s so much to do in Yellowstone from seeing geysers to giant waterfalls, enjoying horseback rides, bike riding and hiking.Visit between March and November time for the best chances of spotting grizzly bears in their natural habitat. Be sure to scope out the world’s most famous Geyser, Old Faithful frequently erupts so you’ll be sure to catch site of it if you hang around for long enough in the Old Faithful area of the park.

As some of the best destinations in the world to spot wildlife, roam the wilderness, breath in completely unpolluted air and just be at once with nature, making a trip to any of these 3 top national parks will undoubtedly be a vacation you won’t forget. Take a look at the holidays available at Great American Adventures and explore them for yourself today.

Top 9 Ways to Sleep Better While Traveling

Top 9 Ways to Sleep Better While Traveling

  1.    Keep your traditional routine that you would keep at home

My best friend is someone who goes to bed by 10pm every night, and wakes up at 7am on the dot.  This strategy has served her so well in life that she’s very successful at work, and doesn’t even need an alarm clock to wake up each morning.  For some reason though, when she travels, she tries to stay up three or four hours later than she normally does, and sleep in several hours later, and just ends up being miserable the entire trip.   Don’t make the same mistake, and try to keep the same routine that you keep at home during your travel—- it will decrease the number of new things that your body already has to adjust to, and will make falling asleep each night much easier.

  1.    Don’t eat or drink crazy foods or alcohols.

I’m guilty of this one— at home, I eat a salad each day for lunch, and a lean protein and a vegetable for dinner.  When I went to Mexico, I tried eating nachos and chimichangas for every single meal.  Obviously, my stomach was very angry with me.    What I should have done instead, was to have a taco salad for lunch, and a grilled local fish for dinner.   Absolutely enjoy and relish the local cuisine, but try to limit the amount of junk you put into your body, and instead just alter your traditional diet to be more like what the locals eat.  Also, you probably want to drink if you’re on vacation— and alcohol is commonly thought of as a way to get to sleep when you’re having issues sleeping — but the truth is that if you drink too much you’ll wake up halfway through the night and be unable to return to sleep.  You’ll also feel hungover and extremely unrested the next morning.

  1.    Eliminate the caffeine.

This happens to all of us— we’re on a trip, we have a million things we want to do and see, and we’re jet lagged.  So we drink a ton of coffee and wonder why we can’t get to sleep before midnight.    Try to cut back on the caffeine on your trip, and only drink what you would normally drink in real life at home.  This will make going to sleep so much easier!

  1.    Resist the urge to fight jet lag by changing your schedule.

How many of you have ever woken up insanely early in the morning to catch a flight?  By the time you land at your destination,  it’s not quite night time yet, but you’re exhausted.  So you take a nap at 4 in the afternoon, and when your bedtime rolls around you’re not tired.  Right?   I know it’s hard, but resist the urge to sleep to adjust your schedule.   You should stay up until your proper bedtime in local time (not in your time at home), and that will ease the transition and your ability to sleep.  

  1.    Keep up the exercise

Another thing you can do to ensure you’re able to sleep at night, is keep up with your exercise routine.  If you’re someone who does a cycling class three times a week, you should at least try to check out the exercise bike in the hotel gym.  Or better yet,  do a bicycle tour of the city you’re staying in.  There’s always a way to stay active and keep up your physical routine— otherwise you’ll find that your amount of sleep each night starts to suffer, and there can be very serious and specific signs of sleep deprivation (source: The Sleep Advisor).

  1.    Ask the hotel for help

The hotel practically has an obligation to make sure you’re able to rest.  It’s basically the entire reason that people go to hotels in the first place.  If your room is too noisy, too smelly, close to a screeching elevator, or there’s someone next door blaring music at 3am— absolutely let the hotel staff know.     And don’t feel guilty about putting a “do not disturb” sign on your front door because you don’t want the maid to wake you up at 8am.   Some of the nicer hotels provide a free spa or sleep kit (it usually contains things like an eye mask or earplugs), so don’t hesitate to ask to see if they have that as well.

  1.   Bring items that remind you of home.

If there’s a special pillow you use to make sure your neck doesn’t hurt— bring it with you when traveling.  The same goes for a special blanket, nightgown, robe, or a CD you listen to before bed.  Other suggestions are a white noise machine,  noise-cancelling headphones, a stuffed animal that reminds you of childhood, or any other comfort items.  One of my best friends brings the favorite toy of each of her three children with her any time she goes on an extended trip to remind her of home.  She is able to sleep like a baby, and is much more at ease about being away from home.

  1.   Try things that help you relax.

Also, try things that are relaxing to you to promote a better night’s slumber.  Lavender oil or anything lavender scented works wonders.  You can also try a natural sleep supplement.   You can try a hot shower,  a massage,  yoga, or closing your eyes and tensing and untensing each of your muscles one by one until you fall asleep.

  1.  Realize that you will get sleep eventually!

The easiest way to sleep better while you’re traveling is to recognize that this is a temporary solution and you will soon be back in your own bed.  With that peaceful thought, you are able to no longer stress out, and realize that this is a fleeting problem, and that a truly peaceful night’s sleep is just a few days away.

The Top 3 Cruise Holiday Destinations for Families

The Top 3 Cruise Holiday Destinations for Families

Cruise holidays are the perfect type of holidays for families. What could be better than visiting amazing countries each day, top quality entertainment facilities on board the ship, endless food and drink options and amazing accommodation to boot? Cruise holidays are designed to be the perfect family holiday, the only problem is deciding where to go, so we’ve put together a quick guide to the top 3 destinations for families to help you to decide:

The Mediterranean

Ideal for families the med offers an amazing mix of both gorgeous cultural cities, stunning beaches and family friendly resorts. Whether you want to show your children the wonderful Gaudi architecture in Barcelona or enjoy some family time on the beach in Ibiza, the variety that the med offers means that there is literally something for everyone making it the perfect choice for your cruising holiday. Plus, with most cruise ports that set sail to the Caribbean just a short flight away it’s perfect for flying with young children.

The Caribbean

Sun drenched, idyllic and with so many incredible islands to explore, the Caribbean makes for an amazing family cruise destination. From the opportunity for the whole family to swim with dolphins in the ocean, to diving to see all the incredible sea life, the Caribbean has so much for families to do and it’s so incredible beautiful that it should definitely be on your list of cruise destinations. Perhaps choose the Caribbean if your children are a little older as the long flight can be quite draining with younger children in tow.

The Canary Islands

Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura make up the Canary Islands. Located on the coast of Africa they make the perfect family cruising destination as they guarantee great weather all year round thanks to their geographical position, have tons of family friendly facilities and there’s variety between the islands, making each day exciting. On a family cruise to the Canary Islands you can expect to visit bubbling geezers in Lanzarote, stunning sand dunes in Fuerteventura, action packed water parks in Gran Canaria and amazing beaches in Tenerife.

With all these great family cruising holiday destinations to choose from, the hardest part of planning your family cruise is deciding where to go, take a look at all the available options at the Bolsover Cruise Club for more inspiration today. All of these destinations have plenty of attractions, great weather and are geared up for families so it’s just personal preference on where you’d like to go most.

Top 7 Spain best water parks

Top 7 Spain best water parks

Water parks are a great outdoor activity for everyone during summer. If you are panning a trip to Spain then you are bound to find a lot of water parks to enjoy with your family. Featuring one of the most visited aqua parks in the world, this is a great destination to relax and have some fun. To help you make the best of your trip, here are a few picks you should consider

Siam Park
Siam Park is one of the top twenty-five water parks in the world. It features exquisite Siamese theme that will transport you to Thai paradise. You will experience tropical themed rides as you walk past the words largest dragon statue. Additionally, you’ll enjoy thrill rides including the tower of power that slides you through shark infested aquarium. If this isn’t your thing, you can relax along the world’s largest lazy river or enjoy the wave pool from one of he tallest artificial waves.

Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park
Port Aventura is among the leading tourist attraction sites in Spain with over four million visitors each year. Just beside its theme park comes its gorgeous water park. The over 50,000 square foot park features lots of pool and water sides. It also boasts of one of the tallest free falls at a height of 31 meters and a 55 degree slope. Also, it’s a great destination for a family outing with a playground for young ones. You can also treat yourself to the high free falls and the raging river rapids.

Aqua natura
This 156 square foot water park plays host to one of the most amazing slides and rides. It’s a perfect destination if you are looking for a family fun time. There a number of children play areas and thrill rides such as the La Cresta. On such rides you will explore the beauty of nature with over 200 different kinds of animals including endangered species.

There is plenty to explore at the Aqualandia given that the park comes with over 20 rides including Vertigo which is built on the hillside and offers a wonderful view to the park. Rides aside, Aqualandia features one of the largest lagoons surrounded with tropical palm making it a perfect spot for relaxation.

Illa fantasia
What makes illa fantasia stand out is the three large swimming pools and over twenty water slides. This is plenty enough to help you cool from the hot summer sun. There is plenty of activity for everyone right from relaxation in a nearby pool to playing mini golf and racing down slides. Young starts will also enjoy water games on the private ship.

Hidropark is one of the largest water parks on Mallorca Island and has options for everyone. You can get sporty by trying out the snuba diving or mini golf. If you are looking to unwind, you should check out the green areas or chill by the pool. If you are brave enough, then try out the “kamikaze” slide which is 15meters high. With the mini park slides and children’s world pool, youngster’s can have fun too.
Western Park
This is the wild-west thrilled park that features professional high diving shows, thrilling water slides and water parks with toddler areas.Also; you will be treated to a 15m high half pipe with vertiginous drop which you can enjoy with a friend or alone. For those who are daring enough, you should try out the high-diving shows. To get the most out of this park, you should consider planning your visit from late may to late September.

Travelling to Spain? Don’t forget to book your holiday transfers Spain with Holiday Transfers.

The Highlights of an Adventure Holiday to China

The Highlights of an Adventure Holiday to China

Beautiful China is one of the most amazing countries in the world to head to on an adventure holiday. With a thrilling mix of some of the world’s most futuristic cities, stunning landscapes and huge areas of cultural significance, a trip to China promises a world wind of adventures just waiting to be discovered. Here are some of the most must see highlights you have to scope out if you’re planning on heading on an adventure holiday to China:

The Great Wall

Everyone heading to China has to make a visit to the Great Wall. Offering stunning views of the incredible Chinese landscape, it’s one of the main reasons so many visitors flock to China every year. It’s stretches across the stunning landscape for miles and miles and takes you to parts of rural China which give a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities that we often associate with Chinese life.

Terracotta Warriors

Another reasons China is so popular with adventure seekers is because it’s home to the famous Terracotta Warrior structures. As one of the most visited landmarks in the world, they are one of the key reasons so many culture seekers head to China on holiday every year. are one of the main reasons so many people head to China every year. The fascinating statues were built to protect the tomb of China’s first ever emperor. They are intricately detailed, poised for battle, and you can visit them on a breath-taking tour when you head to China with Encounters Travel today.

Divine Cuisine

Chinese food is one of the most coveted in the world and one of main highlights of visiting the country is the amazing variety of different types of cuisine you’ll get to sample. Try out imperial cuisine in Beijing, Sichuan flavours in Chegdu and a variety of incredible international cuisines to try in Shanghai. With so many opportunities to sample new flavours and tastes plus traditional Chinese dishes, this is one adventure your taste buds will never forget.

With so many highlights to explore, choosing what to do first on your China adventure holiday is the hardest part. From amazing cultural sites to stunning rural towns and the fast-paced life in some of the world’s most famous cities, with so many highlights China needs to go straight to the top of your adventure holiday hitlist.

Cuba’s Three Greatest Beaches

Cuba’s Three Greatest Beaches

Most people, understandably, think of the vibrant capital city of Havana when they think of Cuba, but there is much more to this island than this. It is also a Caribbean country that boasts some of the most beautiful and inviting beaches in the entire world. These are the type of places that you thought only existed on postcards and there is nothing quite like relaxing on one of these beaches with a good book and a rum cocktail.

There are many wonderful beaches to choose from, but these are the three best in all of Cuba when on vacation. When you book with specialists like Cuba Holidays, you can find affordable trips that will show you these spectacular beaches.

Playa Pilar

Cayo Guillermo is a hidden paradise located on the Jardines del Rey archipelago on the northern coast of Cuba. It features 4km of stunning beaches that are usually almost deserted, ensuring that this is an ideal spot for some peace and quiet. Playa Pilar is the pick of the bunch with inviting blue waters and pristine sand. This was a favourite retreat of Ernest Hemingway and is even named after his yacht.


Unquestionably the most famous beach in Cuba, this is also the most beautiful. Although it is very popular, its sheer size (almost 25km!) ensures that you can always find a quiet, relaxing and scenic spot. Varadero features turquoise waters, golden sand and palm trees swaying in the wind, plus it is also near dozens of hotels and restaurants (who have set up due to the idyllic setting). Varadero is also conveniently located just a two-hour coach journey from Havana on Cuba’s northern coast.


Playa Flamenco

Cayo Coco is famous for its incredible beaches which boast sparkling blue waters that contrast against the white sand. There are other 13 miles of shore to choose from, which include three huge beaches to the north which are packed full of all-inclusive resorts. Playa Flamenco is much more peaceful and nearly two miles long. In addition to chilling out and soaking up the sun, you could also look out for the colourful starfish in the waters or even swim out and do a bit of snorkelling.

Cuba has many amazing beaches to choose from and each with their own distinct atmosphere and characteristics, but the above three are the country’s greatest. Anybody that enjoys the ocean and relaxing in the sun will adore these beaches and immediately feel very peaceful when they arrive. Whether it is a stroll along the coast, relaxing with a book or paddling in the waters, Cuba boasts some of the finest beaches in the entire world.

Light Packing Tips for the Fashion Conscious

Light Packing Tips for the Fashion Conscious

It does not matter whether you are a globe trotter, like me, or someone who enjoys taking short breaks, travelling is fun. Travel gives you the chance to break out of your normal routine, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences and cuisines. There is only one problem, and that is each time you travel you have to pack.

For most people packing is stressful. Fortunately, the more you do it the less of a pain it is. Over the years, I have got used to packing fast, and learnt how to look stylish even when I have limited space in my suitcase. So, I thought you might appreciate my sharing a few of my best tips.

Pack light

Surprisingly, my first tip is to take as little luggage with you as possible. If you are only going away for a week you really do not need more than just cabin luggage. Trust me, the vast majority of people can easily get what they need into a small case. Packing light means you can go through the airport faster. It also saves you money, and is less stressful.

How to do it

The key to packing light is being organised. You need a list, and you have to stick to it.

Mix and match

It is very important to pack items of clothing that can be mixed and matched to generate several different outfit options. Doing this is the best way to keep the number of items you take with you to a minimum.

Pack multipurpose clothes

As much as possible, pack clothes that can be used for more than one activity. For example, swimming shorts, like these ones can be worn to the beach, or in the evening for a stroll around town and a meal out.

Wash as you go

Provided you are prepared to rinse clothes out in the hotel sink, and you follow the two tips above, you really do not need much in the way of clothing. To help you to wash as you go try to pack lightweight items. These will dry quickly and should not need ironing.

Wear heavier clothes to the airport

Of course, you need to be prepared for all weather conditions. Which means it is important to take some warm clothes with you. But, you should avoid having to put these items in your case. They are difficult to fold up small and can take up an alarming percentage of your weight allowance.

Usually, you can wear your closed in shoes, long trousers, jumper and waterproof coat for the journey to the airport. Naturally, when you arrive somewhere hot you may feel a little uncomfortable in a pair of trainers and long trousers, but you will soon be at your hotel where you can get changed.

Share out heavy electrical items

If you are travelling with other people try to share the load a bit. For example, one pair of hair straighteners can easily be shared by several people. The bigger the group the easier it is to ensure that each person only needs to carry one potentially heavy, and awkwardly shaped, piece of electrical equipment in their case.

Provided you are organised packing light is not hard. It definitely does not mean that you cannot dress fashionably. You just have to think about what you pack, and make sure you can create plenty of fashionable outfits from the items of clothing that you pack.

Cruise Vacations – Converting the Younger Generation

Cruise Vacations – Converting the Younger Generation

For many years, cruise holidays have been viewed as a type of vacation that are exclusively for the older generation. This has, in turn, perpetuated itself by deterring younger holiday-makers from trying this form of holiday. This is a shame, as it is actually a fantastic way to travel the world and see many of the lesser seen parts of the globe. However, there has been an interesting shift in recent times and it seems that now many young people are being converted to cruises.

A Falling Average Age

The average age of cruise customers has fallen from 50+ to 40+ in the last few years and now there are many youthful travellers ditching backpacking trips for cruise vacations. So, what is the reason for this shift?

Many of the key players in the industry have pumped a lot of money into their cruise liners and altered their trips to tempt younger travellers. Many of these companies are targeting those between the age of 18 and 40 and it appears to be working.

Destinations & Excursions

Instead of relaxing with a book by the side of the pool, cruises are now advertised as fun and thrilling trips that are bursting with all kinds of activities. Many exciting destinations like Borneo and Alaska have been added to the itinerary, plus excursions can include activities like kayaking, 4×4 excursions, hiking, bike rides and other “hands-on” activities.

 Revamped Cruise Liners

It is not just the destinations and excursions that have started to convert younger passengers. Many of the modern cruise liners have undergone enormous transformations to become party ships that are packed full of great facilities and technology. In addition to swimming pools, bars and restaurants, many now include sports facilities, water parks, live music, theatre shows and all kinds of other leisure activities. In addition to this, even the decor and service has been altered to appeal to a younger generation.


Finally, cruises are a form of vacation that do not have to break the bank and this is crucial for many younger travellers. Cruise specialists, such as Bolsover Cruise Club, offer deals on last minute or late trips that can provide big savings. This can make it an affordable way to travel around the world and see a handful of different countries whilst indulging in luxury facilities (something that you do not get with backpacking vacations).

Cruises are no longer seen as a holiday for older people due to the industry targeting a younger generation (although more traditional cruises still exist). Now, modern cruises are packed full of thrilling activities and take travellers to exciting destinations around the globe.