Bad Shark Good Shark – The Naked Truth about Shark Attacks

Bad Shark Good Shark – The Naked Truth about Shark Attacks

"shark teeth - shark attack"Stimulated by the latest shark attacks in places like Egypt, Australia, and the Seychelles, I have decided to elaborate on what that holiday drama is all about. I have been planning to dive in the waters of the Red Sea for years now and it definitely remains on my bucket list. Does that mean I will risk my life though???

In the mass consciousness, the associations aroused by the word “shark” are not the best – the dorsal fin cutting the sea surface, wide gaping mouth full of razor sharp teeth, staining the water red with the blood of innocent victims… thank you Steven Spielberg on behalf of all the sharks! What is more, the sensational media reports of shark attacks on humans across the world have had an immense impact on people’s imagination replacing common sense with terror. The truth is, however, that the sharks should fear us more than we fear them. Shark attacks on human beings are sporadic whereas people murder sharks en masse every day.

"sharks"This deep-rooted fear, fuelled by sensational media leads only lead to large damage to the environment, as it often turns into a mindless persecution of these unique and intriguing animals, a war between humans and sharks. This is an obvious nonsense and more and more serious institutions have been involved in nature conservation and are fighting the stereotype of a “man-eater shark”. The extermination of the sharks will only upset the balance of the ecosystems, which will subsequently affect the human beings as well.

I am far from encouraging reckless swimming with the sharks, as we as Homo sapiens cannot feel safe and comfortable in sharks’ company due to the simple reason that the water is not our natural environment. I find it refreshing that there are places on Earth that people have not yet discovered. The Oceans should be approached as different planets where humans should not interfere. Thus, when getting into the water, we need to remember we do that on our own risk, and we shouldn’t blame sharks or any other animal for harming a human, as in the water we are just a part of their food chain."shark face - London aquarium"

I can’t wait to hear what are your thoughts on this?

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