Barcelona – I Heart my Neighbourhood!

Barcelona – I Heart my Neighbourhood!

"Sagrada Familia"Of course I am a little biased when I talk about the area that I used to live in, but C/ Enric Granados is my favorite street in Barcelona and I am convinced that many people would agree with me. Although it is very central it is a very quiet street with many bars and restaurants that have tables outside in cozy surroundings. I recently moved into a new place and it was really important to me to look at Barcelona apartments in this neighborhood. So now living in this area I would like to share some of my favorite cafés and restaurants closeby with you. 

CosmoC/ Enric Granados, 3

This is a small café and art gallery that always showcases interesting contemporary art work. The interior is a cozy mix of furniture that you could find in a small student’s apartment with a small exhibition room in the back. Outside of Cosmo it is always very lively. Many people with children and dogs come to this area.

Cup & CakeC/ Enric Granados, 145

This place prides itself on making cakes with love – and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Everything is handmade with the best ingredients. Just two days ago I went to this place for a coffee and an Oreo cup cake. Yummy! The interior of the café is cozy and cute, but you can also sit outside.

"cupcake fachada Barcelona"

Koyuki  – C/ Còrsega, 242

Not actually on my favorite street but on the street I live on this restaurant might be one of the most authentic Japanese restaurants in Barcelona. Many times you find that ethnic restaurants are a bit adapted to the local cuisine, but not at Koyuki. The chef personally will tell you what you might not be able to handle as non-Japanese.

My roommate and I agreed on going on a gourmet route to discover nice eateries around us. Once a week we look for a new place to check out. Naturally, we started in our neighborhood, but in a city like Barcelona there is so much potential for expansion. So maybe I’ll let you in on our favorites as we go along which should give you some good tips for the time that you rent one of the apartments in Barcelona.

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