Beautiful locations to get married in Europe

Beautiful locations to get married in Europe

"Wedding at the beach"Marriage is a great experience for both the couple and guests, but also high costs and stress. Why not escape to a paradise island and experience the wedding day in a unique way. Getting married abroad gives you the ability to combine it with the honeymoon trip and allows you to experience the day in a special way, far from family’s advice and expectations. But before you pack the veil and go to the other end of the world, you need to give yourself time for the formalities and translation of documents. You also have to remember that the most popular marriage destinations are heavily crowded and require a lot of pre-booking.

The most complicated thing is to establish if you want a church wedding, civil or concordat and those vary from country to country and are based on local regulations. You can find more information in the embassy of a particular country.

Here are the profiles of the most popular and beautiful countries to get married in Europe.

Venice, Italy

Italy is a romantic country of sun, azure sea, blue sky and wonderful sights. There are many historic cities across the country with unique atmosphere, which are perfect backdrop for weddings as well as honeymoons. Particularly Venice, which is situated on more than hundred islands dotting the waters of the lagoon, where the newlyweds can enjoy the boat crossing view of the Grand Canal and loud, melodious singing of gondoliers.

There are plenty of places in Venice perfect for a wedding ceremony, including the area of Ponte de Vecchio and the Bridge of Sights. You can find numerous squares and churches across Venice, which guarantee unlimited selection of appropriate venues to seal the deal. But it is important to book the appointments far in advance because they are usually crowded with honeymooners from all over the world.


Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Lake Lucerne is a lake in central Switzerland and the fourth largest in the country. It is a magical place with the impressive Rigi Mountain in the background. There is one hotel in particular, hotel FloraAlpina, which offers you the ambiance space and tranquility for relaxing holidays as well as unforgettable wedding. Thanks to the generously sized infrastructure of the hotel, you can organize your wedding day just as individually as you like. There are a number of reception rooms as well as a terrace, which offer amazing views of the lake and the mountains.

"Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden"

Ice hotel, Sweden

This unusual hotel in the Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi changes its look every year. The hotel is build purely from ice and therefore it is opened only a few months a year. Then, in the spring it melts and flows into the river Tornealv. Every year, the hotel is rebuilt by the world famous artists and sculptors to impress the new visitors. Literally everything in the hotel is made of ice, including the walls, ceiling, chapel, and even disposable glasses for drinks.

The 10 meter high ice chapel is a popular wedding spot. It is created by the embankment of the local building materials, a mixture of snow and ice that is covering a huge inflated balloon. After several days, the material hardens enough and the balloon can be remover, revealing a perfectly spherical dome. The chapel belongs to the Protestant church but it is possible to run weddings for other denominations. The hotels’ location, 200 km above the Arctic Circle, makes the bride feel like the Snow Queen. The newlyweds can spend their wedding night on a bed carved out of ice and covered with reindeer skin. For the less courageous guests, the hotel offers accommodation in their second building with wooden floors, furniture and linens on the bed. The hotel offers plenty of attractions, including enjoying the northern lights, dog sledding, ice carving workshops and tubs of hot water exposed to the outside, where the temperatures reaches minus 30 degrees Celsius.

"romantic Paris"

Paris, France

Paris is a cliché when it comes to being romantic and getting married. Still, numbers of couples come to Paris each year to get married or to propose. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower is supposed to have an extraordinary power, and the tower is probably the most popular place in the world for the marriage proposal. The city architecture and numerous boulevards offer many places suitable for a wedding venue. However, you must be aware that getting married in Paris is not cheap due to its romantic fame.

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