Beginning of the Florida adventures – Tropical storm Debby

Beginning of the Florida adventures – Tropical storm Debby

I wanted to write a few articles in the coming weeks, in which I would like to cover some of the exciting places and things I have seen on my holiday. I have had the best two weeks of holiday so far this year and to be honest the only two weeks I have managed to take off from work this year. Two of my girlfriends and I had decided to go for a road trip around Florida. But because Florida is a massive state and we wanted to spend a few days in each of the places we went to we managed t only cover the southern part of the state.

We met at the Miami airport and stayed in that ‘sin city’ for 4 days. Miami was constantly sunny and hot, so we were spending most of the time at the beach and clubbing at night. Hoping that the weather will stay the same, we headed south to Key West, which is the last island of the Florida Keys. As we were driving deeper into the south, we started to see formations of grey and black clouds. Then, near the Key West the heavens opened and we ended up arriving to our hotel in a torrential rain and a little bit of flood!

"Florida road trip map"

Hoping the weather will change for the better, we had decided to stay and went to the Duval Street, which is the main area of entertainment in Key West. Unfortunately, by the time we finished a meal at one of the local restaurants, the weather has not improved and we had to buy these funny yellow rain ponchos, which covered only an upper part of our bodies whereas our feet were constantly dipping in the currents of rain as the streets had progressively became flooded. So if you are planning to go on holiday to Key West, make sure you take clothing to shield you from the elements, including a rain coat and rain boots, just in case.

The weather remained unpredictable until the last few day of my stay in Florida. We finally learned that all this weather havoc has been caused by a tropical storm Debby, which is quite uncommon for this time of year (of course when I go on holiday it happens!).

"tropical storm Debby in Key West"

Unfortunately, we have not managed to do all the water activities due to Debby moody rainy and windy conditions. We went snoerkling on our last day in Key West but the water was choppy and there was no sun therefore the visibility wasn’t that great and we didn’t see much, just shades of the bigger fish. But in the end we made our trip fun and did some crazy things in the rain, we watched manatees in their natural habitat in pouring rain, went to the movies, and ate and drink loads. After all, it is not where you are on holiday but the people you are with that matter.

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