Being Stuck at the Airport Can be a Good Thing

Being Stuck at the Airport Can be a Good Thing

"airport parking"If you travel often, you’ve probably spent many long, boring hours at the airport where you either try to take a nap or while away the time staring at people passing by. It’s time to take advantage of your stopovers and to discover the amenities that await you at many of the world’s best airports.

A Beer, a Sandwich, and a Pool

Who doesn’t like a good Danish beer with a great sandwich? If you find yourself stranded for a while at the Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, take a stroll to the Eyecon Bar in terminal 2 where you’ll enjoy the relaxing setting. If you prefer aquavit, they have that too. the Pool Bar at SIN, Singapore not only offers food and drinks, but a dip in their rooftop swimming pool. A drink and a swim; it doesn’t get much better than this.

See the Sights or Go Shopping

Many airports like the Incheon International Airport in Korea offer sight-seeing tours or will drop you off to shop before heading back to the airport. Make the most of your time and experience a culture you might otherwise never get to explore. At the Frankfurt Airport in Frankfurt, Germany, you can even take one of several tours of the airport and get a behind-the-scenes look at how they operate. You may have to book your tour in advance, so be sure you don’t miss out.

Pamper Yourself

Flying in cramped seating can be uncomfortable and stressful. New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport is one of many with an upscale spa in terminal 4. If you’re feeling a little ruffled, pamper yourself with a relaxing facial or full-body massage. Treat yourself to a pedicure and manicure so you’ll look and feel awesome once you arrive at your final destination. Do you need to whiten your teeth? You can do that too. In Beijing, you can hop on the shuttle from terminal 3 for the one-minute drive to the Hilton Beijing Capital Airport Hotel for a luxurious spa treatment.

See a Movie, Go to a Museum, and Do Other Fun Stuff

You can find plenty to do in many of the world’s airports, like the Changi Airport in Singapore. Instead of sitting around reading a book you’ve probably already read, get up, move around, and have some fun. The Changi Airport raises the bar when it comes to fun things to do.

Experience their 4D theater, gaming stations, the interactive aviation gallery, and much more. Take a swim, walk the nature trail, and get a new haircut. In the San Francisco International Airport you can tour the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum and the San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library and view thousands of photographs, documents, and books on the history of aviation.

Take a Load Off

If you have time to travel at your leisure, then stay at a hotel between connections. Traveling non-stop can seriously dampen your day once you reach your destination. Rather than risk arriving in a zombie state, refresh with a stay at a nice hotel. In Toronto, Canada, you don’t even have to leave the airport. The Sheraton Gateway Hotel is located in the Pearson International Airport at terminal It offers a fitness center, pool, and wireless access. Most importantly, it offers a comfortable bed for restful sleep.

Make the most of your travels. As the saying goes, “It’s not the destination, but the journey.” Sometimes the journey can be much more interesting and fun. Discover more of the world or pamper yourself instead of staring off into space as you wait and wait and wait.

Bio – this article was written by Ross who is a freelance travel writer and writes at and loves holidays

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