Berlin, Berlin, I Love you so – travel guide

Berlin, Berlin, I Love you so – travel guide

"berlin gate"Berlin, in case you were unaware, is the capital of Germany and one of Europe’s cultural hubs. It is a melting pot of creative energy and is not to be missed on a jaunt to Europe. It is in such close proximity to so many other wonderful cities, Paris, London and Prague included, there really is no excuse.

Berlin has been in a constant state of reinvention since the wall fell in 1989,and since then, the city has seen many transformations. Buildings torn down, art spaces, coffee shops and temporary bars erected in their place. Berlin usually changes significantly from each visit and so it truly merits returning again and again. I suppose that’s what keeps it so fresh.

Berlin is too so diverse.  Each neighborhood offering differing slice of the German capital. Visit Kreuzberg for parties which run every evening and way into the next morning, then unwind in Prenzlauer Berg with its plethora of idyllic cafes. Whether you are looking to party or relax, Berlin certainly has something to offer. Be warned though, accommodation in peak season may prove slightly difficult to secure. The services of couch surfing and private accommodation renter Wimdu are recommended to avoid this problem.  If you are looking for a city permeated by a rich history and a distinct culture, look no further. Berlin ought to make all your travel to do lists.

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