Best Smartphone Applications to Explore Paris

Best Smartphone Applications to Explore Paris

"Paris cakes"It is a bit sad and even annoying to see so many faces stuck to their phone when you are riding the subway. But the smartphone age has made it possible to use your cell phone for almost anything and in the same breath you have to admit how useful it is to have it, especially when you feel a little disoriented. It certainly makes travelling a whole lot easier.

In case you are planning to stay in Paris apartments for a few days it won’t hurt to know about some useful phone applications to help you get around in the city:

RATP Lite: Subway and Bus

You can download the light version of this application for free and it provides you with the urban transportation network of Parisso you can get around the city. You can search your location and view how to get to your desired destinations. Great is also that the application works offline.

Paris2 Go

This is one of the most recommended guide applications for Paris. For $0.99 this application indicates points of interest on a map. If you click on them you will get basic information from where on you can explore for yourself. This application also works offline and you can access a Paris map and get Wikipedia information on sights.


Parisis full of shops that serve and sell delicious pastries. This application ($0.99) helps you locate more than 100 chocolate, pastry and other sweet shops in Paris. Aside from pictures of the store, opening hours and directions, it will also indicate the specialties of each store.

"Paris Louvre"FreeParis

Though you will have to invest a little amount ($0.99) to download this application it will point out tons of things to do and see in the City of Light that are absolutely free of cost: Museums, events like concerts or festivals, interesting gardens and parks to visit, etc.

The Musée de Louvre and Le Grand Palais have great applications that are free that help you to explore the exhibitions and artwork in the museums.

Of course you shouldn’t merely rely on information from your cell phone, but it sure help you get started and when you stay in apartments in Paris you will wake up right where you want to be- the heart of the city.

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