Best Underrated Places to Visit in Europe

Best Underrated Places to Visit in Europe

"bratyslawa marketplace"For many people, a trip to the continent of Europe consists of a whistle-stop tour of all of the best know sights and spots – however there are a number of places off the beaten track that are also worthy of a visit.

Straying off the beaten track is a great way to uncover more of what Europe has to offer, while revisiting resorts that seem to have fallen out of favour can also deliver some delightful surprises. With this in mind we have compiled a list of the some of the best and most underrated spots in Europe for those looking for an exciting and unique holiday experience.

Bratislava, Slovakia

The Slovakian capital has long been in the shadow its Czech counterpart. But while tourists flock to Prague to experience the Eastern European architecture, culture and cuisine, the streets of Bratislava remain relatively untainted by the tourist trade. Tour the city centre’s traffic free streets or watch the world go by from a cosmopolitan pavement cafe, head for one of the city’s fascinating museums or take a cruise on the Danube – whatever your preferred city break pastimes Bratislava will not disappoint.

"bratislava Slovakia"

Biarritz, France

While this Atlantic coastal resort is known, many people pass it by on their way to the popular Riviera towns of Cannes or Nice, but Biarritz is an exciting destination in its own right. Its west-coast location means it enjoys stunning surf conditions – which is why the 6km of sandy beach have been chosen to host an annual surf festival, while the surrounding landscape hides some real gems for the intrepid explorer –with traditional Basque country villages scattered through the hills which make a great spot for indulging in some outdoor pursuits.

"Barritz France"

Alicante, Spain

When was the last time you heard someone boasting that they were headed for Alicante? While it may be tempting to scream, “The 80s called and they want their holiday destination back!” You must resist, because it is exactly this kind of prejudice that may mean you are missing out. Alicante is a city that offers unrivalled access to the Costa Blanca, with its beautiful beaches temperate climate, but is also a great choice of destination for those looking for something more that sun, sand and sea. Taking advantage of the company’s offering car hire Alicante has on offer will allow you to explore more of the area, which also houses some stunning examples of architecture from the medieval to the traditional as well as offering access an exciting selection of outdoor areas, from parks to peaks, when you can reconnect with nature or challenge your inner adrenaline junkie.

"alicante Spain"

Sopot, Poland

Poland is slowly emerging into the holiday market, but the coastal resort of Sopot is a secret that the Polish like to keep to themselves – and with good reason. This resort on the Baltic is everything you could wish for in a getaway offering beautiful beaches, laid back bars and a great atmosphere. Just don’t tell anyone else!

"Sopot pier"

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