Caravan insurance and what to make of it

Caravan insurance and what to make of it

"caravan"There are all sorts of varieties from static to touring caravan insurance, and often when considering caravan insurance for your property you need to consider a range of things. If you aren’t aware of all the differences of insurance then here’s an easy help pack for you to follow, that will provide help in a number of different areas to do with covering your caravan.

The first thing is to go with the correct provider. There’s a tonne of different insurance providers out there, and it’s up to you to shop around and find the best deal. You can use a number of methods, I think it’s best to use price comparison sites as an initial guideline, then phone around, talk to people, get the cover you deserve. After that it’s a case of checking how light or heavy you’d want your cover. Does it damage theft? Damage? Damage by what, exactly? Some carriers even insure against rodent attacks, so be wary, especially for static caravans. On that subject, often the rules change between static and touring caravans, so get right down to brass tacks and insure the correct caravan type properly.

If it’s a touring caravan, it will not be covered by your car insurance policy, especially if it the caravan isn’t tethered to the towing vehicle. In the event of a crash you’re essentially looking at losing your caravan, so insure it! Also, bear in mind while thefts of caravans are decreasing, caravans contents that are increasingly being stolen. So watch out, lock up tight, and put your faith in a proper insurance package.

Buy the best cover for you, and your caravan will be alright. Don’t, and you could run the risk of damage, theft and hefty bills. Caravans are a big investment in your future happiness, so do the right thing and cover that which you care for.

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