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Cruise Vacations – Converting the Younger Generation

Cruise Vacations – Converting the Younger Generation

For many years, cruise holidays have been viewed as a type of vacation that are exclusively for the older generation. This has, in turn, perpetuated itself by deterring younger holiday-makers from trying this form of holiday. This is a shame, as it is actually a fantastic way to travel the world and see many of the lesser seen parts of the globe. However, there has been an interesting shift in recent times and it seems that now many young people are being converted to cruises.

A Falling Average Age

The average age of cruise customers has fallen from 50+ to 40+ in the last few years and now there are many youthful travellers ditching backpacking trips for cruise vacations. So, what is the reason for this shift?

Many of the key players in the industry have pumped a lot of money into their cruise liners and altered their trips to tempt younger travellers. Many of these companies are targeting those between the age of 18 and 40 and it appears to be working.

Destinations & Excursions

Instead of relaxing with a book by the side of the pool, cruises are now advertised as fun and thrilling trips that are bursting with all kinds of activities. Many exciting destinations like Borneo and Alaska have been added to the itinerary, plus excursions can include activities like kayaking, 4×4 excursions, hiking, bike rides and other “hands-on” activities.

 Revamped Cruise Liners

It is not just the destinations and excursions that have started to convert younger passengers. Many of the modern cruise liners have undergone enormous transformations to become party ships that are packed full of great facilities and technology. In addition to swimming pools, bars and restaurants, many now include sports facilities, water parks, live music, theatre shows and all kinds of other leisure activities. In addition to this, even the decor and service has been altered to appeal to a younger generation.


Finally, cruises are a form of vacation that do not have to break the bank and this is crucial for many younger travellers. Cruise specialists, such as Bolsover Cruise Club, offer deals on last minute or late trips that can provide big savings. This can make it an affordable way to travel around the world and see a handful of different countries whilst indulging in luxury facilities (something that you do not get with backpacking vacations).

Cruises are no longer seen as a holiday for older people due to the industry targeting a younger generation (although more traditional cruises still exist). Now, modern cruises are packed full of thrilling activities and take travellers to exciting destinations around the globe.

Canadian Culture, Social Etiquette

Canadian Culture, Social Etiquette

There are few places that conjure up as powerful an image than that of Canada; when people think of it it instills a sense of adventure, vast scenery, and an overly friendly culture that makes it so appealing to the masses. From having milk in bags, to the open mindedness of the current Prime Minister, this country has us all reaching for our passports in search of being inspired.

However, while it would be unfair to say that Canada doesn’t live up to the hype, it’s important to remember that it too is just the same as anywhere else in regards to society and culture. Although some key components may vary, life still plods along like it does in other countries and regions around the world. In fact, when you take a look at the social side of living there, it would appear hardly anything is different to how we interact and socialise here.

Nowadays all of us, regardless of origins or wealth, all utilise technology as a means to just about every end imaginable – we use it to read, to help us cook, to pay bills, to be entertained via sites such as Red Flush Casino, we even use it as a main source of communication. There appears no limit to what we can do with tech, and as a result our social etiquette is evolving along the way. Of course with this change in usage, there comes cries of the negativity and the bad influence technology can have on our human engagement, and yet when you consider how much technology can do, that seems a little too pessimistic.

Take for example the younger generations – they’re forever goaded by older age groups, many of whom claim that they’re attached to their phones instead of playing outside. While there is a sound argument for that, various apps and websites enable children to interact with each other across the globe, helping them learn new languages, make long distance friends, and gives them a new form of play to enjoy. In a similar fashion, adults can also savour how connected gaming is when using gadgets.

Playing classic bar slots, or indeed at any online presence, is a great means of enjoying the excitement of luck and winning, even when you aren’t able to be together. What is more, it adds another dimension to interactions when friends and family do come together, for it gives them an activity to bond over. More often than not, casino based games can be overlooked as being understood as the popular pastime they are amongst family and friends, and yet it can be argued that these titles easier to engage with, and a lot more exciting due to the prospect of winning money. This could be argued as to why, even as early on as 2011, Canada had some of the highest internet usage reported: it has become a means of communicating, a societal normality.


Things to do at the Kennedy Space Centre

Things to do at the Kennedy Space Centre

Kennedy Space Center is situated on Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge just an hour’s drive east of Orlando. It is the only place in the western hemisphere where humans are launched into space. It was from here, with the launch of Apollo 11 in July 1969, that President Kennedy’s dream of landing a man on the moon was realized. The center is the home of NASA, whose manned Space Shuttle can regularly be seen lifting off from one of the launch pads. With a scale and popularity comparable to Orlando’s other theme parks, the Visitor Complex informs and entertains. Like for other venues and theme parks, Orlando tickets for visitors can be bought in advance on the internet and it seems to be the best option if you’re not a fan of standing in long lines. It is estimated that each year more than 1.5 million visitors from around the world experience their very own space adventure.


Things to do at the Kennedy Space Center

  1. Lunch with an astronaut – these sessions offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet a veteran NASA astronaut and get their autograph as well as ask questions related to their personal space travel.
  2. Apollo/Saturn V Center – a Saturn V rocket, of the kind used by the Apollo missions, is the showpiece here. There is also a reconstructed control room where visitors experience a simulated launch.
  3. Rocket garden – you can walk through a group of towering rockets, each of which represents a different period of space flight’s history.
  4. KSC Bus Tour – a bus tour makes a circuit of the center launch pads, passing the Vehicle Assembly Building and the ‘crawlerway’, along which the shuttle is slowly maneuvered into position.
  5. IMAX Theater – it runs films about space exploration. Footage from the shuttle missions offers some breath-taking views of Earth from space. Top of the bill is ‘Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D’. Narrated by Tom Hanks, this film takes audiences to the lunar surface to walk alongside the 12 astronauts who have been there.
Great family days out in East Florida

Great family days out in East Florida

Cape Canaveral – NASA – Kennedy Space Center

Only at Cape Canaveral you can experience and learn a true story of the first space rockets and shuttles. You can explore the shuttle from the inside and hear the stories of the beginning of the space conquest. You’ll find yourself surrounded by original equipment for rockets and space travel, including Apollo rocket parts. Continue reading “Great family days out in East Florida” »

A guide to seeing the many sights and sounds of Canada

A guide to seeing the many sights and sounds of Canada

"Banff National Park, Canada"The great thing about looking for a holiday is the choice that is afforded to you. There are tropical beach locations, where your idea of a perfect getaway centres on lying back and catching the sun’s rays, as well as historical cities if you would rather take a step through time during your week or fortnight overseas. Continue reading “A guide to seeing the many sights and sounds of Canada” »

Visa entry permit to travel to the US

Visa entry permit to travel to the US

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveryone who does not have American as a nationality needs to have a valid visa/entry permit to the US.

Travelers from certain countries can apply travel authorization, so called ESTA. Those countries who participate the US Visa Waiver Program include: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Denmark and so on. See the full list of US Visa Waiver Program here. Continue reading “Visa entry permit to travel to the US” »