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The Top 5 Cruise Destinations in the Caribbean

The Top 5 Cruise Destinations in the Caribbean

There’s nothing more luxurious than taking a cruise around some of the most beautiful islands in the world in the Caribbean. You can be enjoying the views from your cabin balcony whilst sipping on a cocktail. Or, maybe you want to relax on the endless tropical beaches. Some people like to stay in beachfront villas in the Caribbean whereas others prefer to island hop with their cruise ship. This is one of the best places to explore and has some of the most scenic and luxurious cruises in the world. But, if you want to visit, it can be difficult to find and choose the right one for you. After all, there are so many different packages and places to choose from. Here are my top five cruise destinations in the Caribbean.

1# St Kitts:

St Kitts is one of the islands that get fewer tourists compared to the others. But, it’s a great place to visit and experience some of the unique history of the island. This is one of the best places to visit for people who like history and want to see the legacy of their colonial past. You can find two of the oldest settlements in St Kitts that are around 350 years old as well as an old colonial town and fortress.

The beaches are great too and the island is quite small making it easy to get around. Many tourists like to hop on a boat to visit its sister, Nevis, that’s just a short distance away across the sea. Several ferries typically leave each day and it shouldn’t take more than an hour to reach the other side. Most tours will only stop by here for a few hours and you need to make the time count. You can arrange a brief tour to one or both of the islands depending on how much time you have.

2# Barbados:

This is one of the most popular destinations in the Eastern Caribbean for tourists and cruise ships. The island is full of amazing beaches, rugged coastlines, and coral reefs. You can spend your time photographing the natural beauty of this island or rent some snorkelling equipment to enjoy the marine life under the water. Bridgetown has a unique British colonial history and you can see the legacy of this in the city today.

Barbados isn’t as popular as some of the islands in the Western Caribbean and is slightly more difficult to reach. This has many advantages for cruisers who can experience the island and local Bajan culture without the masses of other visitors.

3# Trinidad and Tobago:

Trinidad and Tobago are two island that’s a short distance from Venezuela. Apart from the beaches and water sports, this is the birthplace of Soca, one of the most popular genres of music in the Caribbean. You can be relaxing in one of the beachside bars enjoying your drinks whilst listening to some of the best and funkiest music ever.

The local food is also some of the best that you can find in the Caribbean. Vendors sell local delicacies and the tourist office on the cruise ship should be able to give you suggestions on what you should try when you visit.

The island may have a reputation for being one of the more dangerous parts of the Caribbean, but it doesn’t mean that people should completely avoid it. Cruises will usually stay here for a day and it’s easy to arrange a tour.

4# Dominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic is one of the cheaper destinations in the Caribbean and is a popular stop on cruises around the northern islands. Puerto Plato on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations.

The main attraction is the Marine Park in a large lagoon where visitors can see a range of sea life in their natural environments. You can also buy packages that allow you to swim with sharks and dolphins, which most visitors claim as their favourite experience. There’s also a large water park here with huge slides that promises fun for the entire family. When you venture out of this area, you can experience a town that has a certain level of charm. It gets fewer tourists and gives you more of an insight into the local culture. And the food and shopping are topnotch too.

5# Jamaica:

If you have the opportunity to visit Jamaica, you shouldn’t turn it down. This is one of the more popular islands and combines beautiful beaches with a laid-back atmosphere. There are lots of different ports that receive a large number of tourists on cruise ships. Some will only stop by for a few hours whereas other have the chance to spend a night here. Montego Bay and Falmouth are two of the most visited places for cruises.

If you get the chance, take a visit the Blue Mountains and take the chance to see the wildlife in the interior part of the island. Another popular activity that Jamaica is famous for is bird watching. This island has some of the highest numbers of endemic species in the entire Caribbean and is a birdwatchers’ paradise.

The Takeaway Message:

Cruising around the Caribbean is a dream vacation for lots of people around the world. But there are so many different packages and routes that it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. I hope this has provided some inspiration and guidance to help you find your perfect cruise to fulfil the dream vacation.


How to holiday in the Caribbean on a budget

How to holiday in the Caribbean on a budget

Ahh… the Caribbean. The very thought of this group of tropical islands conjures up images of crystal clear waters, sugar white sands and more water sports than you can shake a rum cocktail at! You’re also probably thinking that all this beauty comes with a pretty hefty price tag to boot, but not necessarily.

No, a week in the Caribbean is never going to come in at cheaper than a week on the Costa del Sol (sorry!), but there are ways that you can make it tug less on the old purse strings.

We’ve teamed up with budget travel experts, Holiday Gems, to get some invaluable tips on how to holiday in the Caribbean, without a fiscal hangover.

Go for a better known island

Choosing a better known island means that more airlines fly there directly. More competition usually leads to lower air fares, so you’ll pay less for a flight to Barbados than you would to somewhere more a little bit more obscure, like St Kitts.

Most of the better known islands are served by their own airports, so you won’t have to get on a ferry once you’ve landed. Most islands of the Caribbean are an eight – ten hour flight away, so there’s a good chance you won’t want to do much more travelling once you’ve landed. Besides, the more time you spend journeying to your location, the less time you have to relax in the sunshine!

Go all inclusive

Selecting an all inclusive option may seem like an expensive feat, but it will actually work out much cheaper in the long run. Most of the hotels in the Caribbean are specifically tailored towards all-inclusive guests, so you’ll find some fantastic deals that could make the holiday of a lifetime much less expensive.

The other great benefit of an all inclusive holiday is that you don’t have to worry as much about budgeting whilst you’re out there, as most things like food and drink will be included in the price of the holiday.

Go at the right time

Like other destinations across the globe, the price of Caribbean holidays varies depending on when you choose to go. Peak time in the Caribbean is from December to April, as this is when the weather is at its worst in the UK, and at its driest in the West Indies. For a cheaper alternative, travel to the Caribbean between May and September, as this is the low season.

The weather during the low season can get quite humid, and there’s more chance of being caught in a tropical monsoon. However, these showers usually last minutes, and afterwards the hot Caribbean sun dries everything so quickly, you can’t even tell it rained.

Check the cost of living

It’s all very well and good booking the cheapest holiday you can find, but it’s equally as important to check out the country’s cost of living before committing, especially if you’re not going all-inclusive.

The Dominican Republic tends to be less expensive once you’re out there, but somewhere like Barbados is smaller, so will cost less to see more of the island. It really is about weighing up the costs, depending on what you want to do and see during your holiday.

Top Backpacking Destinations Of 2016

Top Backpacking Destinations Of 2016

A backpacking travel does not mean that you have to go without exploring the world. In fact, much of the world is not best discovered in a luxury hotel suite, but with a few belongings tucked into a knapsack. So, here are some of the world’s top backpacking destinations of 2016.

porto portugal


Portugal is a fantastic coastal haven for backpackers. You can fly down and begin your trek from Porto and make your way leisurely to the Algarve, which is the southernmost tip of Portugal. It is an interesting walk with gorgeous scenery, delicious seafood and friendly locals.

Tasmania, Australia

The untouched beauty, preserved forests, sprawling vineyards and open spaces that lead directly into the Pacific Ocean have helped Tasmania to earn its unbridled reputation. You can stop along your way to enjoy a dip in the ocean or discover a unique rock formation. Although this island was once a jail for British outlaws, today it is a top backpacking destination.


Bali, Indonesia is the perfect destination for a backpacking traveler, who is traveling on a budget, but wants to sunbathe, dine, drink and explore like royalty. Bali features stunning golden beaches, and cheap food and accommodation.


Colombia has varied terrains, from the laidback Caribbean coast to football madness and a fierce political history. Colombians are one of the friendliest and most inquisitive people you will ever meet.

Santa Elena, Costa Rica

This small and charming Central American town boasts wonderful walking trails and comfortable but cheap accommodations. The friendly locals will take you for a salsa twirl and also show you where to get the best seafood.


The Central American country of Nicaragua boasts world class surf beaches and chilled atmosphere. It is a lot more affordable and relaxed, and attracts a huge surfing community and adventurous travelers. With its colourful buildings, picturesque churches and forts, cobblestone roads and stunning archipelago setting, Granada, Nicaragua will soon wear down your camera battery.


Cappadocia in Turkey has a unique landscape of windblown rocks and hidden crevices. The locals are just as colourful as the colourful painted churches and they readily offer a cozy place for tea. Their homesteads are carved in the side of cliffs and gutted boulders.

Inca Trail, Peru

If you are an adventurous backpacker, then the Inca Trail is a prime backpacking destination. You can trek along the Peruvian coastline to find secluded beaches, lively little towns, spicy food and friendly locals.

Get ready and pack your bags to see the world’s top backpacking destinations of 2016. It is always good to experience a bit of everything, even the bad and ugly mixed in with the good. Most young people go on a back packing trip after they finish university. When finishing university students always have a load of belongings which they don’t have space for. One good way of storing these belongings is in a self storage locker, many of which can be rented for a few pounds a week and you can store almost anything you want.

Top 3 undiscovered destinations

Top 3 undiscovered destinations

TurkeyKabak Beach, Turkey

Where – Just 15-kilometres from the resort town of Oludeniz, hidden away by a twisty mountain road, cliff-edge drops and a forest you’ll discover Kabak Beach, the best kept secret in the whole of Turkey. You will not find this beach in any holiday brochure, and so, finding a local who is willing to take you there is a must – that is, unless, you can read a map! Continue reading “Top 3 undiscovered destinations” »

A guide to Montego Bay’s historical attractions

A guide to Montego Bay’s historical attractions

Greenwood Great HouseJamaica’s Montego Bay may be renowned for its laidback vibes, colourful craft markets and beautiful beaches, but the city is also home to a good selection of historical settlements. Whether you’re a history buff or simply want to learn more about Montego Bay and the wider area, take a look at my top picks for must-visit local landmarks and towns with a rich heritage. Continue reading “A guide to Montego Bay’s historical attractions” »