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Top 7 Spain best water parks

Top 7 Spain best water parks

Water parks are a great outdoor activity for everyone during summer. If you are panning a trip to Spain then you are bound to find a lot of water parks to enjoy with your family. Featuring one of the most visited aqua parks in the world, this is a great destination to relax and have some fun. To help you make the best of your trip, here are a few picks you should consider

Siam Park
Siam Park is one of the top twenty-five water parks in the world. It features exquisite Siamese theme that will transport you to Thai paradise. You will experience tropical themed rides as you walk past the words largest dragon statue. Additionally, you’ll enjoy thrill rides including the tower of power that slides you through shark infested aquarium. If this isn’t your thing, you can relax along the world’s largest lazy river or enjoy the wave pool from one of he tallest artificial waves.

Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park
Port Aventura is among the leading tourist attraction sites in Spain with over four million visitors each year. Just beside its theme park comes its gorgeous water park. The over 50,000 square foot park features lots of pool and water sides. It also boasts of one of the tallest free falls at a height of 31 meters and a 55 degree slope. Also, it’s a great destination for a family outing with a playground for young ones. You can also treat yourself to the high free falls and the raging river rapids.

Aqua natura
This 156 square foot water park plays host to one of the most amazing slides and rides. It’s a perfect destination if you are looking for a family fun time. There a number of children play areas and thrill rides such as the La Cresta. On such rides you will explore the beauty of nature with over 200 different kinds of animals including endangered species.

There is plenty to explore at the Aqualandia given that the park comes with over 20 rides including Vertigo which is built on the hillside and offers a wonderful view to the park. Rides aside, Aqualandia features one of the largest lagoons surrounded with tropical palm making it a perfect spot for relaxation.

Illa fantasia
What makes illa fantasia stand out is the three large swimming pools and over twenty water slides. This is plenty enough to help you cool from the hot summer sun. There is plenty of activity for everyone right from relaxation in a nearby pool to playing mini golf and racing down slides. Young starts will also enjoy water games on the private ship.

Hidropark is one of the largest water parks on Mallorca Island and has options for everyone. You can get sporty by trying out the snuba diving or mini golf. If you are looking to unwind, you should check out the green areas or chill by the pool. If you are brave enough, then try out the “kamikaze” slide which is 15meters high. With the mini park slides and children’s world pool, youngster’s can have fun too.
Western Park
This is the wild-west thrilled park that features professional high diving shows, thrilling water slides and water parks with toddler areas.Also; you will be treated to a 15m high half pipe with vertiginous drop which you can enjoy with a friend or alone. For those who are daring enough, you should try out the high-diving shows. To get the most out of this park, you should consider planning your visit from late may to late September.

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Barcelona Gaudi’s greatest achievement

Barcelona Gaudi’s greatest achievement

Gaudi’s Barcelona architecture cannot be compared to anything else in the world.

Barcelona, ​​capital of Catalonia is one of the most visited cities in the world, often chosen for short trips. Bustling, colorful, soulful, has that something that can enchant and attract. At first fire the average tourist usually goes to the las Ramblas street. This central promenade stretching from ​​the Catalan square to the column of Columbus and the beach, allows you to see the hallmarks of Barcelona and its heart, surrounded by bars, cafes and stalls in the open air. You’ll find yourself walking in the crowd (beware of pickpockets) poured back and forth from early morning to early morning the next day. You can sit down for a moment over coffee or tapas, choose exotic fruit from a stall, relax by the sea or to delve into the side streets. Because all the charm of Barcelona it is best to slow walk combined with discovering and admiring the successive corners. And the best thing you can “discover” in Barcelona is Gaudi architecture.

Gaudi, a brilliant architect has created a total of two dozens of major works, and almost all are found in Barcelona. The most famous – and both the most visited in the city – is a temple of the Sagrada Familia, houses Casa Mila and Casa Battlo (“casa” in Spanish means precisely “house”), and Park Guell. You will recognize these wonders by the walls like a stormy sea, balconies and fanciful creatures, decorative mosaic like fish scales, and wavy-shaped roof chimneys smoke. Gaudi’s projects cannot be confused with any other.

Antoni Gaudi is probably the most well-known figure linked to Barcelona. Born in the mid-nineteenth century, in the town of Reus (today known mainly due to one of the airports serving the city of Barcelona) since childhood have plenty of time to invent. Because of rheumatism he spent his childhood mostly at home by himself. He began designing small forms – gates, fences, cabinets or gas lantern exhibition (which can still be seen in Barcelona). But even if already earned the name by his larger projects there were no interested buyers: his projects were too bold ahead of its time. And perhaps Gaudi would not become famous if it wasn’t for a wealthy architect – Count Eusebi Güell. Eusebi was not scared of fancy forms, arcs instead of angles and colorful patterns. He was a patron of Gaudi financing his other works – in example the palace and the famous Parc Güell. As a result, Barcelona took on the character. As the capital of Catalonia, and one of the most visited cities in the world, Barcelona is often chosen for short trips.

Barcelona. Gaudí houses on the map of Barcelona

One of the first works of Gaudí, considered a precursor of his style, is Casa Vicens custom built for a wealthy craftsman. Today you can see it only from the outside – it is private property, currently offered for sale anyway. Dark pink building, finished in white and gray tile is massive thanks to turrets and arches.

Casa Vicens Gaudi

Since 2002, which was also the International Year of Gaudi, the public is now able to enter the interior of Casa Batllo. If you don’t want to pay the fee you can also admire it from the outside. This is one of the favorite spots in Barcelona, ​​almost always occupied by crowds of tourists with cameras and eyes widened with surprise. Buildings that Gaudi rebuilt at the request of a local industrialist, also called a “house of bones” because the surrounding windows and columns in the balconies are strikingly similar to crossbones. The building has a beige-blue facade and is decorated with colored stones, ceramics and glass. The roof is to remind the husk covering the bulk of the dragon. The interior is similarly unique and colorful, and is also designed by Gaudi.

Another well-known home is the Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera. A few stories curled oval building with no shapes is also called a “house without edges”. There is not a single right angle in that house, and that interior furnishings presented in several rooms comes from the era of Gaudí. But the biggest attraction of this place are strange chimneys roof. It is meant to be one of the most beautiful views of Barcelona.


Another great place to see in Barcelona is Park Güell. Originally supposed to be settlement-garden for the rich, but because of little interest of people willing to live in it, it became a public park, which resembles a fairy-tale land sinking in green. Some of the highlights of the Park include the Column Hall, which was originally intended for the trade fair, the famous checkered mosaic-tiled bench and the house where Gaudi lived (today it is in the museum).

Last but not least from the Gaudi’s main landmarks is the Sagrada Familia. Penitential Church of the Holy Family is a symbol of Barcelona’s most famous design of the innovative architect. He devoted his life to the project until the very end, but this time miscalculated and could perform only one-fourth part of the project. Therefore, although the soaring towers of the temple can be seen from afar, it all can be seen only on the model. Construction continues, of course, with interruptions, for 130 years and, according to skeptics there is no end in sight. According to the optimists it will be finished by 2030, when the sky will score more than ten new towers.

The most popular amusement parks in Europe

The most popular amusement parks in Europe

"rollercoaster"Port Aventura, Spain

Port Aventura is a family park located near the cities Salou and Tarragona on the Costa Dorada in Spain, just a few dozen kilometres south from Barcelona. You can find around hundred attractions at this park, including the largest roller coaster in Europe, called Dragon Khan, a wooden roller coaster Stampida, or fired tower Hurakan Condor. Continue reading “The most popular amusement parks in Europe” »

A Great Day in Barcelona

A Great Day in Barcelona

"Sagrada Familia"Barcelona is a city that knows how to mix business with pleasure. It’s a city where football is on everyone’s mind, partying is a priority, and the strong Catalan flair flavors every experience. If you’ve only got 24 hours to spend in the city, you’d better make the most of them. To make sure you hit the highlights before you jet off to your next destination, here are my favorite spots for a great day in Barcelona. Continue reading “A Great Day in Barcelona” »

The most famous street in the world – Las Ramblas in Barcelona

The most famous street in the world – Las Ramblas in Barcelona

"human statue art along Las Ramblas in Barcelona"Located in centralBarcelona, these streets are filled with multiple open air markets and kiosks. Some of the most commonly found items include a variety of flowers, animals, baked goods, chocolates, newspapers, souvenirs, candles, and other items. The streets are usually crowded with performers, with mimes and dancers competing for the same space. Human statues astound visitors while begging for tips, while musicians and painters fill the area with audio and visual colors. Continue reading “The most famous street in the world – Las Ramblas in Barcelona” »