Chill out in Djerba

Chill out in Djerba

"djerba beach"Just off the coast of beautiful Tunisia, lies the sunshine island of Djerba. Easily reached from the UK, this popular resort offers everything a summer holiday should be sun, sea, beautiful beaches, history, architecture, entertainment, delicious cuisine and the chance to simply relax.

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With a fantastic climate, hitting the 30’s in summer, and with so much on offer, it’s no wonder this North African island has become so popular.

Summer holidays, they’re all about relaxing, aren’t they? Kick back and chill out. Well, Djerba will allow you to do just that. Beautiful beaches, the best in the north-east, beg you to lay back and let your cares float away. Dip your feet in the warm, clear waters for a cool down and take in your surroundings. What surrounds you is a beautiful, green island, dramatic amongst turquoise waters, with many quaint old villages to explore, in scenic countryside and hills, perfect for walking and filling your lungs with clean, fresh air, all amongst the many olive trees.

If you’re a fan of culture and history, Djerba doesn’t disappoint. With a colourful history dating back to the Phoenicians and Roman rule, there are many monuments around the island, including a fort in the north, the site of the Battle of Djerba in 1560. Borj el D’bir is a fort and castle harping back to 1432. Here you can experience stunning panoramic views, and the imposing 9m high obelisk, a tall, narrow monument, demanding your attention.

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All around the island you’ll find many religious buildings, including churches, synagogues and mosques, all beautiful architecture-wise, reflecting the diversity of the area. Of course, as Tunisia is a predominantly Muslim country, mosques are more plentiful, with the opportunity to visit out of prayer time. Respect mosque etiquette and a serene visit will enrich your holiday. Women, remember to cover your head and legs and arms; shoes should be removed for all.

Houmt Souk is the capital, and has a large, traditional souk, fantastic for exploring and grabbing a bargain or two, practising your haggling skills along the way. Buy some colourful pottery, or many hand-crafted goods as souvenirs to take home. Save money by pre-booking your airport extras, like car parking birmingham airport, giving you more cash to bargain with. If you’re flying from London, you’re certainly not forgotten, with fantastic deals available on <parking at gatwick airport too.

For some stunning natural wonderment, head to Ras Rmel, a protected area. Jump on a boat from Houmt Souk and experience it for yourself, with an abundance of nature and wildlife, including bright flamingos. Truly a sight to behold.

Relaxation is the name of the game here, with bike hire available if you feel a little energetic. However, when the sun goes down, there is still a chilled-out vibe about the island. There are many bars and restaurants in the main city; however you may find entertainment to be more hotel-based. It would be a shame not to head to a traditional restaurant for some delicious Tunisian cuisine – try lablabi, a hearty, thick soup made with lashings of garlic and chickpeas; delicious!

Finish your day with a stunning sunset, truly breathtaking – remember your camera!

Your cares really will be a million miles away after your relaxing break in Djerba.

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