Choosing the right suitcase for travelling the world

Choosing the right suitcase for travelling the world

"travel bags"If you talk to an experienced traveller, the vast majority of them will say that ‘you only know what you truly need to pack when you’re there’ – which isn’t that helpful when you ask them for advice before you head out on your epic adventure!

Any traveller, experienced or novice, will know that it’s hard to prepare for every eventuality, all weather variations and a myriad of temperatures – but choosing a multi-purpose piece of luggage will make the whole journey a lot more enjoyable.

And any suitcase that is going to make travelling from country to country and city to countryside a whole lot easier, will be your new best friend for as long as your adventure lasts.

What to pack

Many travellers reap the benefits of living life like a snail, with their luggage hauled firmly on their backs. But it depends on your planned activities.

If you plan on trekking through jungles and hiking up mountains, then wheels obviously aren’t recommended. But if you are going for a cruise or are flash-packing around all seven continents then there’s no reason why you should be forced to strap your wares to your back.

Offering one of the largest ranges of suitcases, travel bags and luggage anywhere online, Luggage Superstore is a great place to start. They even have a lightweight luggage section for if you do decide to opt for a wheeled case.

How to pack

My first tip is to leave around 30% of your bag empty. Its sounds crazy, and you’ll be kicking yourself when you remember half of the things that you forgot to pack, but you’ll be picking up so many trinkets and souvenirs along the way that you’ll be thankful for the space!

Make the most of pockets

Most luggage, whether you’ve opted for a backpack or wheeled suitcase, comes with a number of zips, compartments and pockets for stuffing all of your most essential items, such as mosquito spray. Although tempting, it is advisable to leave valuables (such as cash, cards and mobiles) out of these as thieves are more likely to sneak-up on your bag as opposed to your trouser pockets.

Getting the luggage right is easier than getting the contents, but if you’re stuck for what to pack, World Traveller has created a handy printable guide to The Ultimate Travel Checklist so you know exactly what to take, as well as what to do before you leave.

Happy travelling!

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