Christmas Food from Milan

Christmas Food from Milan

"Christmas in milan"As Christmas is approaching we are taking care of shopping for gifts, but also we think about what to cook for Christmas dinner. It is usually something special and often we stick to one traditional menu that gets served every year. The Italians are known to spend Christmas in a very traditional way with the whole family over an elaborate menu; the more the merrier. The winters in the region around Milan are a bit longer and much of the typical food is meant to keep you warm during the colder months of the year.

Here are some local dishes from Milan that you should definitely try when you rent apartments in Milan and maybe they serve as an inspiration for your Christmas dinner this year:

Risotto alla Milanese

Generally rice tends to be a little more popular than pasta in Milanese cooking. Rice absorbs the taste of other ingredients better. Risotto alla Milanese is prepared with saffron, onion, wine, butter and a beef bouillon.

"Risotto alla Milanese"

Cotoletta alla Milanese

This is one of the most typical meat dishes in Milan. Veal cutlets get breaded and then fried in butter. The cotoletta is ypically served as Segundo with a bit of parsley and some lemon.

"Cotoletta alla Milanese"


In Northern Italy polenta is an important part in many meals. It is made with ground cornmeal. A typical way of serving it in this region is with tomato sauce and some kind of meat.



In many countries this is a very popular Christmas cake and it is a symbol for Milan. The literal translation is “big bread.” It has the shape of a cupola and the ingredients are water, flour, butter, eggs and dried candied fruits. It is almost certain that you have seen the typical boxes the cake is bought in.

"Panettone christmas cake"

Do you already know what you will be serving at your Christmas dinner? You don’t need Milan apartments to prepare any of these dishes yourself. Buon appetito!!

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