Cuba’s Three Greatest Beaches

Cuba’s Three Greatest Beaches

Most people, understandably, think of the vibrant capital city of Havana when they think of Cuba, but there is much more to this island than this. It is also a Caribbean country that boasts some of the most beautiful and inviting beaches in the entire world. These are the type of places that you thought only existed on postcards and there is nothing quite like relaxing on one of these beaches with a good book and a rum cocktail.

There are many wonderful beaches to choose from, but these are the three best in all of Cuba when on vacation. When you book with specialists like Cuba Holidays, you can find affordable trips that will show you these spectacular beaches.

Playa Pilar

Cayo Guillermo is a hidden paradise located on the Jardines del Rey archipelago on the northern coast of Cuba. It features 4km of stunning beaches that are usually almost deserted, ensuring that this is an ideal spot for some peace and quiet. Playa Pilar is the pick of the bunch with inviting blue waters and pristine sand. This was a favourite retreat of Ernest Hemingway and is even named after his yacht.


Unquestionably the most famous beach in Cuba, this is also the most beautiful. Although it is very popular, its sheer size (almost 25km!) ensures that you can always find a quiet, relaxing and scenic spot. Varadero features turquoise waters, golden sand and palm trees swaying in the wind, plus it is also near dozens of hotels and restaurants (who have set up due to the idyllic setting). Varadero is also conveniently located just a two-hour coach journey from Havana on Cuba’s northern coast.


Playa Flamenco

Cayo Coco is famous for its incredible beaches which boast sparkling blue waters that contrast against the white sand. There are other 13 miles of shore to choose from, which include three huge beaches to the north which are packed full of all-inclusive resorts. Playa Flamenco is much more peaceful and nearly two miles long. In addition to chilling out and soaking up the sun, you could also look out for the colourful starfish in the waters or even swim out and do a bit of snorkelling.

Cuba has many amazing beaches to choose from and each with their own distinct atmosphere and characteristics, but the above three are the country’s greatest. Anybody that enjoys the ocean and relaxing in the sun will adore these beaches and immediately feel very peaceful when they arrive. Whether it is a stroll along the coast, relaxing with a book or paddling in the waters, Cuba boasts some of the finest beaches in the entire world.

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