Enjoying Wine in Lisbon – Distinctive Wines to Sample

Enjoying Wine in Lisbon – Distinctive Wines to Sample



When many people think of wonderful wines, the country of Portugal usually isn’t the first country they think of. However, you may be surprised to find that wine trading goes back to the early 18th century in this country and it is thought that production goes back even further. If you are going to rent one of the Lisbon apartments and enjoy the city, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the wonderful wines available in the area. While Madeira and port wines are the most popular options from this country, there are many other varieties worth sampling as well. Here is a closer look at some great distinctive wines to sample and some interesting places to visit to learn more about the wine in the area.

As you’re visiting Lisbon, you’ll quickly find that wine is very important to the local culture. You can enjoy a wine tasting room to start exploring the local wines. Check out the wine tasting room that Vini Portugal runs where you can enjoy free wine tastings. You may want to check out Chafariz do Vinho as well, which is one of the best wine bars you’ll find in Lisbon. This wine bar is located in the former aqueduct of the city and the prices are very affordable. For a great view, go with a seat on the very top floor. Many of the local restaurants within the city offer a wonderful wine selection that will let you enjoy sampling some of the wonderful local wines as well.

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll definitely want to check out the Port Wine Institute in Lisbon while you’re visiting. You have the ability to sample a variety of different port wines while visiting the institute. You’ll find the Port Wine Institute in the Chiado area of Lisbon and since it’s up hill, make sure you don’t drink too much or you may end up with an interesting trip back to your accommodations. In general, you can expect to find several types of port wine, which include white, wintage, ruby, late bottle vintage and tawny. Each type of port is a bit different. While visiting the Port Wine Institute, you can choose the wines you want to try out from the menu you are given. The menu lists the prices as well and you can always ask for help from the server if you’re not sure which wine to try.

You can definitely enjoy tasting many distinctive wines while you are visiting the city. If you’re staying in one of the apartments in Lisbon, you may even want to arrange a day trip to one of the surrounding vineyards in the area so you can enjoy seeing where the wines are made. Along with the tasty wines, don’t forget to spend time sampling some of the tasty foods that the city has to offer you as well. Look for restaurants that offer great food and wine pairings so you can enjoy sampling the food and the wine of the area.

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