London Guide

London Guide

"London flag"Home of the Queen, one-time home to Shakespeare and nowadays home to millions of others, London is an historic city and a modern day global city, a centre for economy and government as well as culture. The city is a huge draw for tourism, with everything on offer from the West End theatre scene to the London Eye. Along with a huge cultural scene there is also a vibrant night life in the city which plays host to an array of bars and restaurants as well as the numerous holiday apartments London has on offer.


London and the foundations of the city date back to the time of the Roman invasion of Britain, at which time they started major foundations for the city and established ‘Londinium’ as a major port and centre for trade. Since its beginnings the city has expanded hugely and has been witness to most of the major events that have taken place in British history. One of the worst struck cities by the plague in the middle ages and the Blitz in the Second World War, the city has withstood various trials.

Travel & Accommodation

Nowadays London is a vast metropolis, home to the various grand plaza hotels London offers and a holiday to the city can be an imposing experience. Planning ahead in terms of what to see and, more importantly, where to stay, is essential especially since in some seasons, the city can book up fast. So whether it be Knightsbridge apartments or a stay in one of the various hostels in the city it is best to book in advance.

London is home to a huge range of places to stay and places to eat and will generally cater for whatever you’re looking for. There is a wide range of hotels on offer from the high end hotel in the centre to a bed in a hostel on the outskirts. Staying in one of the serviced apartments London offers or even one of the grand plaza apartments London has, is often a popular choice as the apartments combine the holiday experience with the sensation of having your own space back. Knightsbridge apartments will allow you the full freedom to experience the city and the range of restaurants and bars in your own time.


There are several must-see places in London, the prime of which has to be Buckingham Palace, the official home of the queen and an imposing sight in its own right. This imposing palace is open for tours in the summer, but well worth a look anyway, just to see the externals and the changing of the guard. The vast structure and the statue in front of Victoria as Empress of the conquered world, is a symbol of the one-time power of the British monarchy, a reminder that this is a family descended from William the Conqueror and through such greats as Elizabeth I.

The London Eye is not only one of the major tourist attractions in London but also a symbol of the city itself. Along with images of the Thames and the Tower of London, this huge observation wheel is used to set the scene in various films and images. The wheel is the third largest of its kind in the world and offers a vast spectacle of the surrounding area for miles around. The wheel takes tourists up in glass pods that send you high above the city allowing for a bird’s eye view of the area and maybe even allowing you to spot your Knightsbridge apartments. Also, one cannot miss the West End. With a variety of London musicals on offer, everyone can find something that suits their taste.

Along with its cultural and government appeal, London is also a major centre for sport and is set to play host to the 2012 Olympics, drawing numerous tourists in and filling the various holiday apartments London offers. Whilst sport is already prevalent in the city’s calendar, the Olympics are dominating plans at the moment and preparations are already well underway for the event. Each summer London also hosts the Wimbledon Tennis Championship and the aspect of weekends is changed slightly as the city heads to watch the tennis and lie in the sun. A truly British event, the sport is marked as much for Pimms and strawberries and cream as it is for the tennis.

London is a huge cultural entity with a vast selection on offer and various places to stay including the numerous grand plaza apartments London offers. Whichever way your tastes lie the city is sure to provide. So whether you want to hang out at the boutique shops, rubbing shoulders with the stars in Harrods, or try watching theatre standing up Renaissance style at the Globe theatre, London is sure to oblige.

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