Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide

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Turkey is a large country located in Western Asia. It is bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia and Iran.  Due to its large size it can be challenging to explore the entirety of Turkey in one trip, yet this diversity also ensures that there are many different activities.

Major Cities

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep, Konya, Antalya, Diyarbakir, Mersin


Climate and Geography

Due to its size there is significant variance of climate in Turkey. In the central areas it can be very harsh and arid – in some places the winters can be very severe with significant amounts of snow. On the coasts it is a different story and temperatures are much more Mediterranean. This has led to the spread of holiday resorts which are becoming increasingly popular with European and North American tourists.


Turkey is a fantastic country for people looking to see a fascinating culture, while enjoying great weather. The country’s crown jewel is Istanbul, the ancient seat of the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantium Empire; tourists often wander through this gorgeous metropolis mouths agape as they look at ancient building such as the Blue Mosque. Beyond Istanbul most tourist head to resorts such as Bodrum and Marmaris to relax on excellent beaches and indulge. The interior, while rugged, is also good for hiking and exploring ancient ruins like Ephesus.

On a Budget

Those interested in relaxing at seaside resorts should investigate package Turkey holidays – these provide comprehensive savings that make it a very affordable place to visit. People in other destinations should concentrate on budget hostels and local dining options – the country is full of markets and kebab shops that offer affordable fare.

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Other Resources

Go Turkey is a good place to start your research of this country; it is also worth checking out Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor

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