European cities for food and wine lovers

European cities for food and wine lovers

"food"For cooking and eating enthusiasts I am posting a ready list of the European cities with the best restaurants and food. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

People staying in Edinburgh hotels will find many venues offering traditional Scottish dishes. You might take this opportunity and enjoy the famous haggis (sheep’s stomach stuffed with offal). There are also plenty of restaurants specializing in Indian delicacies and Thai fusion cuisine.

"haggis Scottish food"


Brighton, England

And my personal favourite, Brighton on the South coast of England. In Brighton everyone can find something they like from British Sunday roast to Moroccan spicy food. Personally I go for seafood in Brighton due to the daily supplies of fresh fish from local fishermen. Brighton hotels also serve amazing food so there is no need to explore the city in search for a meal. The best dish is a breakfast at the seafront restaurant after all night partying in Brighton 🙂

"English Breakfast in Brighton"

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a dream city for gourmets. On the one hand, you can taste the traditional cuisine of Catalan dishes such as zarzuela (seafood stew) or fideua (paella but with noodles instead of rice). On the other hand, the restaurants in Barcelona serve dishes from around the world.

"food in Barcelona"

Rome, Italy

Traditional Roman cuisine is rich and full. Popular dishes include fletti de baccala (fried cod fillets), pasta pecorino romano with cheese and black pepper, pasta carbonara with egg, bacon and cheese. Rome is a city, where the antipasti and snacks eaten before the main course were invented: pieces of break baked with capers, oysters, marinated artichokes, olives, cheese dipped in olive and herbs.

"food in Rome"

Paris, France

Paris is recognised to house the world’s best restaurants. The advantage of Paris, however, is the fact that to eat a great meal you do not have to visit expensive restaurants. A simple sandwich, such as croquet monsieur (grilled sandwich with ham and cheese) becomes a culinary masterpiece when done by the hands of the French chef. As for wine, the level is equally high. The basic meal is served in Parisian restaurants usually consists of three parts. For appetizers you are given a salad, Camembert in puff pastry or pancakes. Main course can be a steak with sides. The dessert is usually a fruit tart or ice cream topped with hot chocolate sauce. Popular dishes in Parisian menus are also smoked herrings in oil with hot potatoes, veal kidneys with bloody mustard sauce, snails in garlic sauce, and mussels in wine marinade.

"food in Paris"

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