Experience Enchanting Venice Museums and Galleries

Experience Enchanting Venice Museums and Galleries

"st marks basilica Venice"Maybe you’ve read books about Venice, drooled over beautiful pictures in coffee table books and dreamed of going there “someday”. Perhaps you’re an armchair traveler, who drifts and dreams of a moonlight gondola ride. It is the place dreams are made of, but to fully appreciate its enchantment, you must experience Venice, up close and personal. Mere language cannot do justice to the feeling of stepping into living history and watching pages of museums and galleries unfold in front of your bedazzled eyes. When that long awaited trip manifests, leasing an apartment in Venice will provide the comforts of royalty!

In order to titillate your fancy, let’s enjoy a sneak preview of several museums and galleries that await exploration. We’ll begin with St. Mark’s Basilica, which is architecture to behold, shaped like a Greek cross. You will gasp with awe, at arches and columns intricately carved in the 12th century Byzantine and Gothic style. Be certain to take the full outside tour and appreciate all the compelling fine points, including the ancient mosaic of San Marco Basilica. Plan to spend a great deal of time gawking at interior mosaics of Biblical stories, circa 13th century.

You totally have to gaze at both ceiling and floor to get the full effects of a once in a lifetime spiritual experience of the Divine. You’ll view gold covered mosaics depicting Christian events from the Old to the New Testament, Virgin Mary and of course, St. Mark. A must-see is the four full-scale world-renowned Horses of St. Mark sculptured in bronze. St. Mark’s Basilica is sacredness made manifest, in a way you might never experience again.

"Venezia canal"

Do you know of Peggy Guggenheim? In 1948, Ms. Guggenheim, who was an affluent American, purchased Palazzo Venier del Leoni, where her art collection is now on display. Located on the Grand Canal, the Guggenheim collection is considered among the most prominent museums housing 20th century art in Italy. Italian artists exhibit there, as well as her collected works. Ms. Guggenheim’s compilation spans from Abstract to the Surreal.

If your enchantment lies in Gothic architecture, don’t miss Doge’s palace. Throughout the ages, the basic building was enhanced, until it’s completion in 1438. You must wander about the opulent rooms located on three floors at leisure. Remember to look up at the prestigious works of art displayed on the ceilings. In a word, Doge’s palace is bravura!

An absolute must-see is David by Michelangelo. The awesome statue is housed in Galleria dell’Accademia. It is home for fabulous collections dating from 1300-1700. Examine the museums many famous works, such as Madonna with Child, by Giovanni Bellini. Watch for Mary Magdalene also. Schedule the Galleria at a time you have fresh eyes to view the renowned Venetian paintings, for you will be mesmerized!

Spiritual scholars will delight at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Inside the striking museum are paintings by Tintoretto. Don’t miss the shameless serpent! You’ll marvel at the illustrated life of Christ, as well as that of the Virgin. Reportedly, the awesomeness of spirituality imbued in the museum competes with the Sistine Chapel.

When your soul is satiated and the soles of your feet weary, your accommodation at one of the Venice apartments will provide solace.

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