Family Holidays in Corfu

Family Holidays in Corfu

If you’re looking for a holiday that can provide beautiful sunshine, endless blue skies, rocky mountains, and golden beaches surrounded by sparkling blue seas, then a Corfu vacation is just the ticket.

Sometimes finding family holidays that can provide entertainment and enjoyment for everyone is never easy; and finding cheap family holidays is another matter altogether! However, searching for holidays in Corfu through Thomas Cook will easily take care of both dilemmas, resulting in the very best of deals to an island which is famed for its versatility.

Corfu is known as the Emerald Isle, and it’s not hard to see why. Due to its winter rainfall and summer sun, it has the perfect climate to produce green landscapes, providing homes to a myriad of wildlife. Spotters can watch the wild tortoises, pelicans, hoopoes and wild pine martyns amongst others, and view over 600 different species of wild flowers. The island is covered in olive trees, cypress trees, flowers, herbs and plants of varying descriptions, giving the restaurants plenty of fresh locally grown produce.

The mountains give a fabulous viewpoint over the whole island and across the beaches out to sea. The beaches are a mix of pebbles and sand, all leading into crystal clear waters that provide one of the island’s most popular sports attractions – snorkelling. Both snorkelling and diving bring forth a whole new world as the sheltered rocky coves and deep mysterious caverns hide a wonderful array of marine life. Turtles, octopus and squid are just some of the larger marine life that can be found but the diving here also throws up some intriguing and fascinating rock formations.

All in all, Corfu is a great island that’s not just a good spot for sunbathing, but a great place to spend a week or two experiencing its many varied activities, and spending valuable time with family and friends. Priceless.

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