Florida animal encounters

Florida animal encounters

"Flamingos"Over the period of two weeks in Florida, I’ve managed to see quite a few local species. Sadly, in Miami, I didn’t spot many animals or sea creatures. That might have something to do with the Miami Vice cocktails… Luckily, during our cruise around Miami, I got a glimpse of a local dolphin! It was a random occurrence while I was taking photos of the Millionaire’s Row and I heard a movement just next to where I sat on the boat and moved my camera down facing the water and managed to get the right shot of that dolphin. As soon as we left the big city, we’ve been exposed to a variety of local and tropical species. My first proper (by proper I mean having a small photo shoot session with the animal) encounter was in Key West with a couple of massive iguanas just outside our hotel room. Pretty random! Just walked outside our hotel room in a towel and stood next to massive dragon looking creature!

In Key West you can also spot numerous chickens walking around and see a shark while snorkelling. We did snorkelling in the Gulf of Mexico but because of the tropical storm Debby the water was choppy and visibility very bad thus we managed to see only the shades and shapes of fish swimming underneath us. What we did see properly though, was a group of massive stingrays just sitting at the bottom of the reef! My camera is NOT water proof so NO photo evidence below unfortunately. Moving on…while driving through the Everglades at the Alligator Alley, we did spot a massive alligator! Not only that, we stood next to him but he was calm and a bit boring creature to be honest. Might be that he has just fed…on another silly tourist trying to take his close up photo.

In Naples, we went manatee watching. We not only saw groups of manatees swimming friendly around our boat but we also spotted a few  sharks (YES!) making circles around the boat and a couple of alligators swimming peacefully. Then in Fort Myers, I got to see a few shell creatures, including massive oysters.

Around Florida you can spot a variety of birds, including herrings, white ibis and my personal favourites pelicans (I think they are considered pigeons of Florida). I was a bit disappointed though because I didn’t see any Flamingos. Hopefully next time!


"Dolphin, Miami"


"Iguana in Key West"

"Green Iguana in Key West"

"Female Iguana in Key West"

"Chick in Key West"


"Robbie's Restaurant, Key Largo, Florida"

"Pelicans at Robbie's Restaurant, Key Largo, Florida"


"alligator, The Everglades"


"Manatees, Naples, Florida" "Manatees, Naples, Florida"

"alligator, Naples, Florida"

"alligator in the water, Naples, Florida"

"Pelicans, Naples Beach, Florida"


"Fort Myers beach, Florida, snails in shells"

"Fort Myers beach, Florida, oysters"

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