Florida’s finest food

Florida’s finest food

"Hamburgers at the Ocean Drive, Miami, Florida"During two weeks of visiting Florida, I have tried a variety of dishes. I managed to eat some local specialties, including Key lime cheesecake in Key West and a crab and other seafood in Naples. It is impossible to choose a favorite meal, but I think breakfasts were always special because I craved it very much after an all night dancing session. A food freak as I am, I was taking photos of most of the lovely food we consumed and would love to share this delicious set of shots with you. I will divide them into three sections covering meals from Miami, Key West and Naples. Let me know which one is your favorite! God bless America!


1st meal, real American hamburger with fries (HEAVEN)


"Hamburger in Miami"

1st breakfast in Miami, Egg Benedict. Classic!

"Egg Benedict breakfast, Miami Beach"

Miami lunch (these are just starters!)

"Miami lunch"

Mahi Mahi dolphinfish

"Mahi Mahi dolphin for lunch, Miami, Florida"


Signature dessert – Key Lime Cheesecake Pie

"Key lime cake, Key West, Florida"

 Cuban food at the Mallory Square

"Cuban food, Key West restuarant El Meson de Pepe"

"restuarant El Meson de Pepe"

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Key West

"Margeritaville - Key West"

"Volcano Nachos Margeritaville, Key West"

Volcano Nachos (HUGE)

"Hod dog at Margeritaville in Key West"

Ihob breakfast

"Omlette at Ihob"

"Breakfast at Ihob - pancakes"


Crab nachos

"crab nachos, Naples, Florida"

Joe’s Crab Shack

"Joe's crab shack, Naples, Florida"

"Joe's crab shack, Naples, Florida"

"steamed seafood and crab, Joe's crab shack, Naples, Florida"

The Cheesecake Factory

"Cheesecake Factory, Naples, Florida"

"steak at the Cheesecake Factory"

"Seafood at the Cheesecake Factory"

4 thoughts on “Florida’s finest food

  1. Agata!

    You lucky woman you! Those pictures are amazing and I’m glad you enjoyed the great United States. It’s amazing that you didn’t come back weighing double! Nice work.

  2. This was not the right post to read on the day you have to miss your lunch break! All looks delicious, though I must say I’m actually surprised – I hear a lot about American portions but none of these look too insane – though perhaps that’s my current hunger talking 😀

    1. Kieran, some of the meals above are just starters 😀 and the photos do not reflect the actual enormous size of the portion! That is why I love American food, it is not only tasty and well prepared but also big so you are guaranteed to leave the restaurant crawling back to your car 😀

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