Getting married abroad

Getting married abroad

beach weddingCongratulations! He’s proposed, you’ve said yes, now it’s time to plan the wedding. When it comes to wedding planning, the first and most important decision you’ve got to make is the venue. Getting married abroad is a popular choice these days, but is it the right choice for you? There are plenty of pros and cons, so it all depends on what you want for your big day.

First of all there is the cost to consider. With the rising cost of weddings in the UK, many people choose to get married abroad because it works out cheaper than a wedding in this country. When you get married abroad you will generally pay a set price for a package that includes pretty much everything you could need and think of. From dress transporting to flowers, hair, wedding cake, welcome drinks, meal, you name it… there are loads of companies out there who will organise the wedding from start to finish for you if you choose to have it abroad.

Some people love this and it certainly works out cheaper than paying for the equivalent in this country, but other people don’t like the lack of control that comes with not being able to arrange everything in person. Whether you’ll appreciate the finer details being sorted out for you or will find it stressful not being in control very much depends on the type of personality you are.

When it comes to family and friends, if you get married abroad then you have to consider the possibility that some people won’t be able to come for money reasons or might not be able to fly they fall pregnant or have health issues. If you get married in term time and you have friends or family with school age children or anyone who works in a school, then they might not be able to come for that reason.

"beach wedding, Antigua"

For many guests though, your wedding abroad will be the ideal excuse to have a holiday as well and, if you go somewhere like Cyprus or Turkey, there are plenty of cheap flights and decent package deals available from companies like Co-op Travel to keep the cost down.

Finally of course there’s the weather; another big draw for people to weddings abroad is being able to guarantee good weather much more than we can in the UK!

Ultimately though, it’s all about where you as a couple will feel the happiest getting married. It’s your big day so make the decision the one that’s right for you two.

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