Guest post: Enjoy your time in the UK- Things to do

Guest post: Enjoy your time in the UK- Things to do

"cottages UK sea"This year really has been the year to visit the UK. Throughout the year the country has been host to some amazing events, the summer Olympics being one of the stand out events. With plenty of variety on offer, you could be staying in a quiet country cottage one weekend while the next weekend you could be living it up in one of the major cities in the UK- it really does have it all!

There are plenty of activities to do whilst you are visiting this great country, but one activity that can be done in just about any location is walking. Great places to go on walks include, the Lake District, the region of Snowdonia in Wales and Scotland. Wherever you decide to go walking, there is plenty of beautiful scenery on offer as you could be hiking up one of the several peaks in the UK or alternatively, you could explore one of the beautiful lakes located up and down the country- the scenery truly is break-taking. Be sure to book the perfect accommodation, and you won’t go far wrong by booking a nice luxury cottages deep within the British countryside.

Believe it or not but another activity that is great to do in the UK is surfing. In certain parts of the country, the waves reach similar heights to waves that hit the Western coastline of the USA, making it an ideal country to go surfing. Top places to go surfing include, Cornwall, Scotland and Northumberland.

Cycling is just another thing you can do during your holiday to the UK. Cycling is a great way to discover the land you are visiting, so be sure to bring your bike along with you. Alternatively, there are plenty of facilities that allow you to rent a bike for a decent price, so there is no getting out of this one. The Peak District is a perfect destination to go cycling as it is filled with many hills and you are surrounded by beautiful scenery throughout the trek.

Author Bio: This article was brought to you by John-James. John-James is a writer for his own travel blog, He currently resides in the UK and his love for travel takes him on adventures  throughout the entire year.

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