Guest post: Paris vs. New York

Guest post: Paris vs. New York

"Paris Louvre"I have always been aware of the rivalry of New York and Paris in terms of fashion. I like both cities very much, but that also for very different reasons. The other day I read a cute blog entry on about Paris vs New York with some very cool illustrations and it made me think about what if I had the choice between living in one of the apartments in Paris or New York.

Coffee culture.

I would prefer sitting in a café somewhere in Paris sipping on a café au lait as opposed to standing in line at a coffee shop where everything behind the counter seems assembly-line work. There is no comparison to the speed of service in New York which comes in handy, but I prefer a relaxed café where everything takes a little longer over the “to-go” coffee attitude. Life these days is pretty fast-paced as it is, so you should definitely take some time out of your busy day for a coffee.

Croissant vs Bagel.

I could pretty much eat a bagel with cream cheese at any given moment of the day. Unfortunately they are not as popular in Europe and not as easily available. Croissants, however are more popular worldwide and there is no rocket science behind getting a great croissants elsewhere. With a similar shape the donut is something I associate with New York and the US.

"New York skyline at night"



If you are reading this you might think how I could ever use the romance factor as an argument here, but just as much as the City of Light stands for romance and love, New York City accounts for a great number of romantic tales. As an example, I could list a couple of movies for you right away. But as the French are known as great, passionate lovers I wouldn’t want to take away from that. I think Paris might be more a symbol of great romantic gestures whereas romance in New York happens when you least expect it in the little things in life.

So what’s my verdict? Would I want to live in Paris apartments or would I prefer a loft somewhere in New York City? The decision is really hard and to be really honest I think you can’t really make the comparison between two amazing cities that stand out from other places for so many different reasons.

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