A guide to seeing the many sights and sounds of Canada

A guide to seeing the many sights and sounds of Canada

"Banff National Park, Canada"The great thing about looking for a holiday is the choice that is afforded to you. There are tropical beach locations, where your idea of a perfect getaway centres on lying back and catching the sun’s rays, as well as historical cities if you would rather take a step through time during your week or fortnight overseas.With Canada though, there is something to appeal to every holidaymaker. Take a look at these ideas and start planning your perfect vacation in the second largest country in the world in terms of area:

The country is a hub for outdoor activities

Canada’s great outdoors certainly is great – and incredibly spacious too. With all this space to play with, tourists have plenty of activities to enjoy.

To get the heart pumping, there is the chance to go snowboarding or skiing – or how about heli-skiing if you are feeling particularly daring – down the spectacular slopes in Whistler.

If you would rather take it easy, there is always fishing to be enjoyed in one of Canada’s picturesque lakes, as well as teeing off on one of the country’s golf courses. The St George’s Golf & Country Club in Ontario is the pick of a huge bunch, since it was named the number one golf course in Canada by top100golfcourses.co.uk.

Canada’s history will leave you astounded

If you are a history fan, then it is strongly encouraged you seek out the Great Lakes of Canada and prepare to be left astonished.

This is because it is at this location that you will find a collection of old forts which were first constructed in the 18th century. Now here’s the truly fascinating part – these forts tell tales of how Canada was once a part of America, as well as a time when America was actually a part of Canada too.

It may take a bit of time to get your head around, but will be a great way to make history fun for all the family.

Feast on delicious dishes across the breadth of Canada

No matter where your Canada holidays take you – My Canada Trips have loads of excellent deals for all the locations listed in this guide for 2014 if you are still waiting to book up – delicious Canadian cuisine will be readily available.

Even the finest restaurants in the world will struggle to offer a menu like the one that will be presented to you in Canada. There’s buffalo tenderloin to tuck into when you visit Alberta, lobster fresh from the sea in Nova Scotia and even authentic maple syrup served up around Ontario.

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