How to explore Barcelona without breaking your bank?

How to explore Barcelona without breaking your bank?

"Barcelona"Barcelona is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in Europe. Tourists spend hundreds of Euros on entrance fees, hotels and meals. But there is a hope for those, who want to visit Barcelona without spending all their savings. Here are a few tips on how to have fun in Spain without splashing the cash:


You can save some money straight after you land at the airport. Instead of taking a pricey taxi to Barcelona, you can use one of the buses providers standing outside the airport. The buses are comfortable and have air conditioning so the journey won’t be that painful. The trip from the airport to Barcelona usually cost around 5-10 Euros (depending on the airport), whereas for the taxi you will pay at least 30-35 Euros.

Cheap Hotels

In Barcelona, you can find different types of accommodation. Barcelona hotels can be luxury but you can also find cheaper boutique hotels not far from the city centre. People also tend to rent their own flats to tourists so if living without a maid is not your priority you could stay at one of those private apartments.

Exploring Barcelona on foot

The cheapest and best way of exploring Barcelona is a walk. The city is perfect for walking and when using metro or a car you can miss a lot of beautiful places. Walking around Barcelona allows you to discover many fascinating buildings, including Gaudi’s.

Free museum entry

There are a number of museums, where you can enter for free on a certain days of a month. Depending on the museum it is usually the first Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Wednesday of the month. For example Picasso Museum or National Museum of Catalonian Art is free on the first Sunday of the month, and The Modern Art Centre let the people in free of charge on the first Wednesday. It’s best to do some research online to find out about those days and come in earlier on that day to avoid the lines of people who also want to save so money!

Eating out

It’s cheaper to order a dish of the day ‘Menu del dia’. The set consists of three dishes: appetizer, main course and a dessert (often times also Sangria or a beer). It costs from 9 to 11 Euros and it works out cheaper than if ordering separate dishes.

"Paella, Barcelona"

Avoid Las Ramblas

If you don’t want to overspend money on meals and drinks, stay away from las Ramblas. Because this is the main tourist street in Barcelona, the prices are double the prices two blocks from there. Also, you want to look for cheap hotels away from Las Ramblas.


Free attractions

Barcelona is a home to many parks and free attractions. The most popular include Park Guell, Montjuic, and Castle with a port and city view, National Palace, St Pauls Hospital and a botanic garden Parc de la Ciutadella.

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