How to stick to New Year’s Resolutions

How to stick to New Year’s Resolutions

One of biggest the challenges at the beginning of the year is to keep up with our New Year’s resolutions. Although we are only a few days into the New Year some might have already thrown the towel and lit up another cigarette or stayed on the couch instead of going for a jog. Many New Year’s resolutions are health related and many of us have an overeager impatient nature always wanting to quit smoking, lose weight, work less for less stress, etc. all at the same time, but it is hard to make a permanent change in habits. But let’s stay optimistic and try to kill two (or even more) birds with one stone.

To manage many New Year’s resolutions at once think about renting one of the apartments in Barcelona. Why?

The suggestion of a trip goes almost unsaid for those who have the intention of travelling this year. And Barcelona has so much to offer its visitors. It is a versatile city that has the beach and the mountains close offering activities for everybody.

The purpose of a vacation is to reduce the stress and relax so that you can return back to your routine with fresh energy. A change of scenery is always good to recharge your batteries. On vacation you are not on a strict schedule and you can actually get enough sleep and start the day well rested.

Has work gotten in the way of keeping in touch with your friends? When was the last time you did something together? Taking a trip will be a great opportunity to spend quality time amongst each other and share an exciting experience. Maybe you are lucky and have friends living in Barcelona apartments – who knows!?

Lastly, the Mediterranean cuisine is not only delicious, but known to be healthy. Seafood is low in calories and a specialty in a place right by the sea. I’m sure looking over the sea and the beach will be one more reason to get up and put on some running shoes.

I’m sure you have at least one of these resolutions as a goal this year. Let’s see how well you will keep up 😉

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