Kórnik – where the White Lady never sleeps…

Kórnik – where the White Lady never sleeps…

"Kornik Castle"Not far from my home town in Poland, there is a lovely family Sunday getaway called Kornik. One of the main tourist attractions of the Wielkopolska region, Kornik is located approximately 35 kilometres (22mi) from Poznan. The word “kornik” in English means chicken coop, however the town itself has little to do with that bird on a large scale, besides a few chickens running around the locals’ gardens. 

"tree in Kornik"Besides the castle, the main historical sight in Kornik, there is much more this town has to offer, such as the Park-Arboretum with blossoming bushes, quiet meadows, rare flowers, and interesting trees, including the willow that grows pears! Kornik is a picturesque, wooded area situated on the Warta river and the chain of lakes. A beautiful castle, lake and park provide great opportunities for tourism and recreation.

The Castle complex

The Castle complex includes the main building of the castle, three annexes, depot, Arboretum, and park pavilion. Castle beginning dates back to the Middle Ages. It was completed in 1430 as a fortified stronghold, which was surrounded by a moat and the only access to the castle was by a draw-bridge and wrought-iron bars. In the 16th century the castle was rebuilt in the Renaissance style and fortifies further and after in the 18th century it was turned into a Baroque residence. Of course the castle is open for the public and for a small entrance fee you can admire its interiors. The castle museum contains furniture that represents different epochs and styles, precious paintings, sculptures, arms and armours from Poland and the Far East and many more. And at night, as the legend has it, “the White Lady” strolls in the park and castle chambers…

"Kornik Castle"

"Kornik Castle"

"Kornik Castle - the front"

"Magnolia Flower in Kornik's Garden"

"meadow in Kornik"

"Lake in Kornik"

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