Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

"ohrid lake"If you are thinking of travelling to the beautiful, vibrant and upcoming country that is Macedonia, Lake Ohrid is surely one of the must visit locations. Recommended by numerous travel articles and publications as one of the wonders of Eastern Europe it is a great base for the exploration of the charming old town and surrounding monasteries including the well-preserved castle fortress.

One of the main attractions of this area is the Lake. The lake is transboundary, spanning between Albania and Macedonia and so there are various areas denoting the two cultures which can be explored by visitors. The two most notable areas of this description and Ohrid or Struga on the Macedonian side, or Pogradec on the Albanian side. Both are popular regional travel destinations but are certainly still below the international tourist radar and so one can expect uncrowded, well-kept beaches with stunning views. Following the Albanian time and evening and end nearly all services and products are a very reasonable price, making a meal around 800 dennar a good price for a three course meal with drinks and tip (there are around 70 dennars to the euro).

On the lake it is possible to arrange boat tours from as little as 5 euros, rent a sailing or powerboat or indulge in a number of other water sport leisure activities such as pedalo hire or windsailing (although the variety is certainly dependent on the area of the lake). Beyond this the gorgeous Macedonian sun will bathe your skin on the powder rock beaches with sun beds and on-beach bars.

The surrounding area is perhaps one of the most pleasant towns in Eastern Europe, with a fantastic atmosphere in the day time accompanied by a relaxing old town view of the surrounding area. Contrasted with this is the surprisingly active nightlife of the area, with clubs such as the Queen Pub, The Jazz and Blues club or Havana Club leading the way for the younger generations.

"Lake ohrid in macedonia"
If you are searching for nightlife of this description then follow the rhythms of the night through the upper old town or down the main giro strip.
In terms of accommodation there is a large variety of hotels and hostels that offer very reasonable prices ranging from 10 euros a night to 25 + depending on whether you are looking for shared dorms of private rooms. There are many hostels for backpackers including those such as Sunny Lake Hostel located in the old town. The great thing about this area is that there are a variety of options for all budgets, including restaurants and nights-out. You can also look at the most suitable hotels beforehand online, as well as save money by checking out online deals. Any pennies left over can go to other activities!

Picking up on the theme of Macedonian cuisine, the local area offers a diversity of traditional and orthodox Western restaurants. There are several on the lake front extending out on the piers, serving fantastic lake-fish food and traditional salad – but be warned, some establishments still offer the much endangered endemic trout. Thus, it is not only expensive, but arguably morally wrong to purchase the trout.

Macedonia as a country has a plethora of sites of beauty, interest and history, with architecture to match nationwide. Whilst Lake Ohrid is only a part of this great country, it is certainly well worth a visit regardless of the duration or focus of your stay. What’s more, Macedonia can be travelled on a budget, be sure to pick up an online voucher code to continue saving.

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