Madrid – the centre of Spain

Madrid – the centre of Spain

"Madrid-seafood"Madrid not only is the Spanish capital, but is also the geographical centre of the country. This city was actually chosen to become the capital by Philip II in 1561 and it didn’t become such because of its smart location or importance. It only then gained economical and cultural importance, and consequently, population in a let’s say natural way.

Madrid though has perfectly assumed its role as the chosen one and over the course of history it has attracted people from all around the world.Madridnot only is the cultural and administrative capital, but is also one of the industrially more developed Spanish areas together with Cataloniaand the Basque Country.

This obviously means that since many people moved to apartments in Madrid not only from extra European countries, but from other poorer Spanish areas.  As it is well known Spain is a very varied country and every region has its own traditions and of course cuisine of which the people from Galicia, Extremadura, Andalusia, Asturias etc. are very proud of. In Madrid there are nowadays as many cuisine types as you can imagine, from Japanese to Sudanese and regional Spanish, especially Galician restaurants (O’Grelo,  O’Pazo, Casa Gallega and many more) have always been very popular for their excellent seafood.  One of the best Asturians restaurants is La Máquina de Lugones  in Paseo de la Habana 107. Basque cuisine is also delicious, not only because of their incredible pintxos (canapés): Dantxari (Calle Ventura Rodríguez 8),  El Txakoli (Cardenal Silíceo, 17) etc.

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One thing that many foreigners ignore though is that usually people from every region have got their own “Casa” (literally house or home) like Casa de Galicia. This is usually also an official representative office of the official regional government and one serves as cultural centre and meeting point for people who want to preserve their traditions , as well as a tourist office and sometimes has also got a typical tapas bar or restaurant. After leaving your luggage in Madrid Apartments you can look for Spanish restaurants and discover its varied cuisine!

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  1. you’re right, basque cousine is amazing! and if you got time, go to san sebastian, the best food in spain and what an amazing town!

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