Mallorca holidays with a splash of local wine

Mallorca holidays with a splash of local wine

"macia batle vineyard"Mallorca is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea next to its sister islands Menorca and Ibiza. Not so long ago Mallorca was a sleepy agricultural backwater, which began to change after World War II, when the first tourists started to explore opportunities for holidays. Today, each year more than 8 million tourists enjoy the infinity sandy beaches and the golden sun to get a perfect tan!

"El Arenal Beach"Beaches

Anyone, who spends holidays in Mallorca, cannot miss a swim in crystal clear water that fills the romantic coves. After visiting a few places in Spain and the Spanish islands, I must admit that Mallorca wins in terms of the quality of beaches. Fuerteventura, for example, offers spectacular sandy beaches as well, however the ocean waters are much colder than the Mediterranean Sea waters and thus you cannot fully enjoy the swim. It is always great to live as close to the sea as possible and sometimes it would be worth checking villas for rent in Majorca (Mallorca).


In addition to natural qualities, well-organized tourist facilities will provide each visitor with the conditions for perfect entertainment. A multitude of discos, nightclubs, and bars make sure the night life lovers will stay busy. What is more, an extensive network of hotels can choose accommodation to suit all budgets.

Mallorca has a lot to offer in terms of a local culture and … WINE of course! Mallorca vineyards can be found in centre of the island. Every Sunday, at the market in Santa Maria del Cami, you can shop everything from clothes, fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and sausages as well as local wine. You can take a tour around the centre of wine making Bodega de Macia Batle, where it is possible to purchase some of their renowned wine, some of which has won awards!"cheese and wine"

It was the Romans that really kicked off wine making in Mallorca, passing on skills of cultivating vineyards. In the past the Balearic Island wines were being compared with the best Italian wines such as Franz Haas or French Domaine de Bel Air or Chateau La Lagune. The Mallorca wine industry has certainly been hammered by cheap imported Spanish wines, which are often labelled as Mallorcan.




"El Arenal Beach"

"Palms at el Arenal Beach"

"Seafood at Palma resturant"

"North of Mallorca"

"North of Mallorca"


"Marina at Palma"

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