On Your Marks for the Nicosia Quantum Marathon

On Your Marks for the Nicosia Quantum Marathon

"cyprus"December the 9th will see the running of the third annual Nicosia Quantum Marathon, marking the first ever arrival of the Marathon Flame on the island of Cyprus. However rather than just holding a single marathon race, there are a number of sporting events that will be taking place on that day to commemorate this landmark occasion.

The shortest race that will be held is the 1,000 metre run for the charity UNICEF, although the races will gradually increase in distance from a 5km walk, to a 10km run, a half marathon and climaxing with the gruelling full marathon race – which will be extra tough given the high Cyprus temperatures!

There will of course be prizes awarded to the winners of all of the events held, but there will also be extra prizes awarded to deserving participants that have shown ‘fair play’ and sportsmanship throughout the event, keeping in spirit with the charity aspect of the day.

Significant Cultural Event

The Nicosia Quantum Marathon has been heralded as a major cultural event along with the arrival of the Marathon Flame, which is making the occasion all the more memorable. It is hoped that the event will being the people of Cyprus together and raise community awareness and co-operation between the residents of the island, allowing people to work together and achieve through sporting activity.

So great is the impact of the Nicosia Quantum Marathon on the island that it has been included in the AIMS (Association of International Marathons & Distance Races) list of official events, a great accolade for a marathon event that is still very much in its infancy.

Attracting Overseas Visitors

However that’s not to say that the marathon is popular only with the residents of Cyprus. In fact, the Nicosia Quantum Marathon has already started attracting competitors from overseas to take part which is boosting tourism to the island, as well as providing great opportunities for visitors to take part.

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