Moving abroad? Top 5 countries to live in the world.

Moving abroad? Top 5 countries to live in the world.

"Stavanger Norway"Every year the United Nations publishes the Human Development Report. It covers almost 200 countries and measures the quality of life of the inhabitants of each country. It also takes into account factors like life expectancy, level of education, income, health and quality of life. Here are top 5 countries you should move to for a better way of life.


Life expectancy of Norway is 81.1 years and the gross domestic product per capita is $47.557. Norway is known for its beautiful landscapes, lovely inhabitants, difficult language and high prices. Norway has the highest Human Development Index among all the countries presented in the report. It is a country ideal for a peaceful life. The government there cared for a high level of education, population, low unemployment, high levels of social protection and high life expectancy.

"Australia kangoroo"


Life expectancy in Australia is 81.9 years and the gross domestic product per capita is $34.431. Australia is a developed country with a multicultural society. Australian holidays are very popular these days even though it takes about two days to travel to Sydney from Europe. When it comes to quality of life, health care, the average life expectancy, level of education, freedom of economic activity, personal freedom and political rights, Australia is leading the way. Australian cities are among the world leaders in terms of cultural life. Good climatic conditions make the Australians practice a lot of sports, which translates directly into a good level of health across the nation. The Australians are generally tolerant and have positive attitude to life as they have hardly anything to complain about.

"Holland fields"


Life expectancy in Holland is 80.7 years and the gross domestic product per capita is $36.402. The Netherlands are the most densely populated countries in the world. Holland is associated with tolerance, marijuana, windmills, and bicycles. It is a country well organized, clean, offering a good quality of life. The Dutch can only complain about one thing – the weather and it seems like it is a common topic of conversation in Holland.

"New York skyline at night"


Life expectancy in the United States of America is 78.5 years and the gross domestic product per capita is $41.017. The USA is the fourth largest country in the world and it just so happens that they occupy the fourth place in the ranking of human development. For years, the USA was a destination of people who wanted to seek for better future for them and their families. Many people have already succeeded, other are still dreaming. U.S. population is a mix of different races, nationalities and cultures. The melting pot, as well as richness, diversity and modernity of the United States have continues to attract people from across the world.

"New Zealand, Queenstown"

New Zealand

Life expectancy in New Zealand is 80.7 years and the gross domestic product per capita is $27.737. People from across the world are starting to go on New Zealand holidays more often. New Zealand is above all a very safe country, some residents do not even close up their homes. It is also told to be uncorrupted with a positive growth rate, and the unemployment rate remained the same at around 6 percent. It is here that women were the first in the world to be given the right to vote in the parliamentary elections. Beautiful scenery and eternal greenery only improved the quality of life in New Zealand, not only does New Zealand offer amazing places to live in – the town of Kaikoura, for example is a fascinating place to visit. For travel information and resorts in Kaikoura or any other location in New Zealand visit Expedia, which is an online site that offers an extensive variety of accommodations.

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