Music lovers should make the most of cheap flights to Amsterdam

Music lovers should make the most of cheap flights to Amsterdam

"grachtenfestival"For music lovers from all nations of the world, nothing beats the chance to hear some of the finest sounds amid the most beautiful surroundings. In the summer months, many of the globe’s most familiar cities offer audiences the opportunity to combine sights and tunes in some truly iconic locations, and a significant proportion of fans would undoubtedly claim Amsterdam’s spectacular Grachten festival to be the finest of them all.

Grachten is a Dutch word for canals, and many of the musical events take place either on or in view of the waterways that intersect this stunning city. This August, thousands of locals and tourists made their way to the various Grachten festival venues in Amsterdam to listen to some of the best classical music renditions to be heard anywhere in Europe, many of which sold out well in advance of the day thanks to the festival’s unwavering popularity.


Symphonies and Sightseeing

Among the performers at this years’ Grachten festival were the Amsterdam Saxophone Orchestra, exhibiting the cream of young Dutch talent, as well as the Navarra String Quartet and pianist Alexander Drozdov. Even the youngest classical music fans were catered for, with the return of the festivals’ popular Babyconcerten, a light and sound show designed especially for toddlers.

As many events took place at night, many visitors to Amsterdam combined their Grachten festival experience with a spot of sightseeing to make their trip extra special.  They were certainly spoiled for choice too, as Amsterdam is home to a wonderful spectrum of tourist attractions and historic buildings, including the highly popular Anne Frank House and a series of art galleries and museums featuring works by the likes of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Braque and Kandinsky.

If you’d like to catch next years’ Grachten festival, the good news is that cheap flights to Amsterdam are plentiful and extremely easy to find. The Dutch city is just a short hop away from the United Kingdom, and companies such as make the trip easy, affordable and convenient for tourists.

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