My beloved Washington D.C.

My beloved Washington D.C.

Just before the 2008 presidential elections I flew to the United States "Agata at the Lincoln Memorial"for a compulsory year abroad as part of my degree. I had chosen one of the universities in Washington, D.C. and it soon appeared to be one of the best decisions in my life. Besides studying I managed to visit a few places on the East Cost and get to know D.C. inside out. Due to the amazing sights, atmosphere and fabulous people I got to share it with, D.C. became my home, my one year long  ’American Dream’…

Anyone who has visited Washington, D.C. was blown away by the number of monuments… and the amount of concrete used to build that city. Please find below a selection of some of the monuments.


"The White House"

"The White House Garden"

"The Lincoln Monument"The Lincoln Monument

"Lincoln Memorial"Lincoln himself

"the Mall"The Mall

"The National World War II Memorial"The National World War II Memorial

"Jefferson Memorial"Jefferson Memorial

"The U.S. Capitol"The U.S. Capitol


Washington D.C. by night

"The White House by night"

"Lincoln Memorial by night"

"Lincoln Memorial by night"

"The Monument in Washington D.C. by night"

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